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Winterschool zuidas 2012


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January 2012 a Winter School took place with 3 universities working at the business district 'Zuidas' Amsterdam. In 8 days students and almost 40 experts gave their opinion and worked on a strategic design at various levels of scale. The Winter School was organized by SITE urban development.

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Winterschool zuidas 2012

  2. 2. MAKING CITY IS ABOUT“The inevitable process of urbanizationpresents a huge political, social, economicand ecological challenge. At the same time,cities offer solutions for the tasks that faceus in the 21st century.The city is our future. But only if it isdesigned, planned and managed better thanit is at present”
  3. 3. MAKING CITIES = MAKING(THE) DIFFERENCE(S)excellent business climate with optimal accessibility,maximum deployment on our cities and urban regionswith an integral vision connecting:disciplines (space, mobility and economy)levels of scale (local, regional, national,international)actors (governments, executive organisations,businesses, experts and civil society) ALLIANCES DESIGN
  4. 4. WHY ZUIDAS?
  5. 5. COLLABORATION IABR -NATIONAL GOVERNMENTAtelier Making Projects: design research in alliances on 7 national projectsZuidas as one of these in an alliance between:- city of Amsterdam- ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment- SITE Urban Development- three design schools and their students: Yale, AA, TUDelftwinterschool as ‘freezone’ for design research:- with strong connection to the actors involved- with strong universities internationally known and with differentspecialisations (public-private / inside-outside, new working and livingenvironments, regional scale) designing on Zuidas as international top location
  6. 6. DESIGN RESEARCH ONZUIDASZuidas: as an international business district, 6 minutesfrom Schiphol, with high-speed-train connections, auniversity around the corner, situated close the centre ofAmsterdam.Design approach that reconciles the immediate reality andopportunities of place, and the aspiration of long termplans.
  8. 8. “Life is what happens to you, while youre busy making other plans" y Malcolm Smith, supervising Architect Zuidas,quoting John Lennon
  9. 9. MAIN QUESTIONHow to develop a strategic framework withits spatial and programmatic implications,that is resilient to uncertain futuredevelopments and at the same timeprovides and stimulates all the elements of avital urban centre right here and now
  10. 10. IN TOTAL 3 Universities  Architectural Association London  Yale School of Architecture  Delft University of Technology 2 work locations  World Trade Centre at Zuidas  Academie van Bouwkunst 9 lectures 3 times presented for the reflection team Pro-action café (12 experts) 5 visiting critics A total of 103 hrs of work in 8 days
  11. 11. FINAL RESULTS Present an intervention, embedded in a strategy that answers to all scales, which initiates action in a tangible, seductive and provocative way. The presentation should explain itself in a crystal clear way to all types of public and be understood within 2 minutes. The presentation is allowed to be in any shape and medium of communication.
  12. 12. 14 LESSONS LEARNEDWINTER SCHOOL MAKINGZUIDAS:1. Be pragmatic, simple messages2. Stop the fixation on the DOK model and the railwaystation as being the central problem3. Strategic positioning: balance between technocentric and anthropocentric, lateralisation, global platform. Dont compete globally with your physical basis, think in terms of functions that strengthen the current position in the knowledge intensive services and provide opportunities for these services in the vicinity of Zuidas4. What is the story of Zuidas in terms of future business. We are longing for a charming Zuidas5. Stop thinking of urban street life and urban blocks everywhere: open the possibilities of new building typologies: strategies of infill, flexible typologies, opening up building blocks, small scale interventions6. Make the Zuidas part of the Amsterdam urban fabric7. Develop from the fringes, attach to the urban fabric of Buitenveldert and Amsterdam Zuid
  13. 13. 14 LESSONS LEARNEDWINTER SCHOOL MAKINGZUIDAS:1. Think of axes and routes: Beethovenstraat and Amstelveenseweg, East West connections, a finer network of pedestrian and cyclist routes, mobility solutions at different scales2. Improve and develop these routes with the emphasis on street life, with small scale interventions/landscape3. Bring more people to the station area, prolong their stay through shopping, brand stores etc.4. More focus on developing strategic projects than on an overall strategy: RAI, VU campus, Beatrix park, Olympic stadium5. Start coalitions of investors and stakeholders: Schiphol, VU, RAI, private investment. Develop and support civic initiatives6. Rethink the rules of the game, the old ones definitely failed; stop with design rules and zoning restrictions7. What does the construction of the tunnel and Zuid as being wasteland mean for liveability for the next ten years. Work on temporary projects.