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Conference Opening: Paul Coby, SITA Board Director


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Conference Opening: Paul Coby, SITA Board Director

Published in: Travel, Business, Technology
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Conference Opening: Paul Coby, SITA Board Director

  1. 1. 2014 AIR TRANSPORT IT SUMMIT Paul Coby SITA Board Director
  2. 2. • Passengers want more technology • Demand for air travel • Implications • Smarter air transport
  3. 3. • Improving airport operations • Enhancing the passenger experience • Improving resource efficiency and effectiveness • Optimizing services on connected aircraft
  4. 4. • Social media • Mobile • Analytics • Cloud
  5. 5. Tony Tyler Director General and Chief Executive Officer, IATA Craig Kreeger CEO, Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd Thella Bowens President/CEO, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority
  6. 6. Francesco Violante Chief Executive Officer, SITA Thierry Bonhomme Chief Executive Officer, Orange Business Services
  7. 7. Shashank Nigam Chief Executive Officer, SimpliFlying Susanna Brown Managing Director, Operations Technologies, American Airlines Eash Sundaram Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, JetBlue Airways
  8. 8. Patrick Naef Divisional Senior Vice President IT, The Emirates Group/dnata Neil Clark Chief Information Officer, Heathrow Airport Limited Kerem Kızıltunç Senior Vice President, Corporate Development & IT, Turkish Airlines
  9. 9. Twitter: #ATIS2014 LinkedIn Group: Air Transport Information Technology Download the App:
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