SIT Municipalities Portfolio | Innovation Journey TLV


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These slides show SIT - Systematic Inventive Thinking portfolio in the field of municipal innovation

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SIT Municipalities Portfolio | Innovation Journey TLV

  1. 1. SIT fosters innovation inmunicipalities, regions and the public sector
  2. 2. SIT Case Studies
  3. 3. Greater Rochester Enterprises, NY:Fostering technological investmentGreater Rochester is one of the top five exporting regions per capita in theUS, and accounts for nearly seven percent of all New York State exports.The Greater Rochester Enterprises (GRE) were looking to develop theregion and increase its foothold in healthcare and optics, by bringinginvestment to Rochester or by bringing companies to relocate there.The GRE turned to SIT to foster a relationship with technologies from Israel,a country renowned for its start-up companies.Impact Teva Pharmaceuticals, an international pharmaceutical company headquartered in Israel, acquired a company in a $25M investment. New manufacturing site in NY for the Strauss Group, Israel’s second largest dairy. Angel investor of $3M for an Israeli start-up. Relocation of an Israeli office to Rochester.
  4. 4. Project InCiTe, New York:Developing creative youth programsReaching teens of today is no easy feat. The Board of Jewish Education inNew York was alarmed when numbers showed their programs wereattracting less than 15% of their target population. They needed to injectnew content to reconnect with their teenage audience and engage themin activities.ImpactPartnering with SIT led to the creation of Project InCiTE, a creativity andInnovation Fellowship Seminar. Educators were trained in SIT’s creativethinking techniques and mentored by both SIT and leaders from thefield of education. Using this new knowledge and know-how, fellowscollectively created two dozen programs to refresh the organization’soffering and bring back the numbers they had lost.SIT offered a systematic approach to train people in skills that allowedthem to open their minds to new possibilities. I was skeptic at first, buteven at the end of the first sessions new ideas continued to emerge. Therewas something to having this systematic approach that was yieldingresults already in the short term. Immediately it started opening ourminds to new possibilities.David Bryfman, Director, New Center for Collaborative Leadership
  5. 5. Ministry of Economy & Foreign Trade:Developing an innovative bureaucracyThe Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade is responsible for attractingforeign businesses and investment to within its borders, in a highlycompetitive environment.Like most government offices, the ministry is bound by (often lengthy)procedures and bureaucracy to maintain quality honest trade. Yet theyfelt that finding the right places to inject innovation could give them a legup, and entice corporations to do business in their country versus others.ImpactUndergoing SIT training, the Ministry gained skills to help them leveragetheir small size, enabling them to respond faster and more efficiently.Long term results lead to: Identifying opportunities for innovation in the services and offer they provide as well as in the way the Ministry operates internally. Building an internal capability among Ministry staff for applying and leading innovation Getting internal stakeholder buy-in for instigating change.
  6. 6. Singapore Ministry of Education:Applying innovative solutions to academic challenges and socialroutinesThe Ministry of Education in Singapore partnered with SIT to help studentsand faculty members instigate change academically and socially.The program was held at Clementi Town Secondary School, with a team ofteachers and students of different academic levels.ImpactUsing SIT tools, the team created new and useful ways they could performevery day tasks differently: Academics – New approach for tackling homework and writing essays Socially – Better management of lines at the school canteen/kiosk, innovative measures for disciplining Charity – Using existing resources to foster better and rewarding relationships with elderly people in the surrounding neighborhood Science: Developing “Why didn’t I think of that before?” types of ideas for the Young Inventor Competition
  7. 7. Israel’s Ministry of Welfare:Improving effectiveness of social servicesSIT ran a series of Innovation Workshops directly with Israels Ministry ofWelfare aimed at developing innovative models for improving theeffectiveness of the Ministrys work with social workers, management ofinformation and decision-making.ImpactWorking with the city of Nazereth Illit, the capital city of the Galilee, led tofour different routes for creating change to better the lives of its residents.The core developments were services designed to empower middle andlower class residents, enabling them to understand and take control of thebenefits they deserve.
  8. 8. Constructora Bolívar, Colombia:Making a successful venture of low income house constructionThe Colombian Government requires all construction companies to engage in lowincome housing, by way of promoting affordable homes to its poorer citizens. Yet, arelatively high number of these types of projects were not completed because ofthe target audience’s low monetary status and their inability to pay even the smallsum. This not only impeded achieving the housing goal, but caused tension with theconstruction companies who bore the loss of money and time already invested.One of these companies, Constructora Bolívar, suffered from 12% of unfinisheddeals. They partnered with SIT to not only reduce the risk of unclosed deals, butalso to bring back customers they had lost.ImpactRather than approaching this sales challenge in the usual way by working on thesales process to increase conversion, SIT led the management team to map theircurrent internal operational processes as a starting point for innovating.Applying thinking tools, the team innovated a new process which solved theexisting glitches causing customers to walk away in the middle, and even shortenedthe overall process. The nature of these solutions, together with creative projectmanagement allowed for implementation of the new process within two months.As a result, Constructora Bolívar achieved a win-win: it lowered the amount of dealsthat fell through, and even increased profit margins from such projects.
  9. 9. Sheba Medical Center, Tel Aviv:Developing tomorrow’s medical leaders todayThe Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv, a major medical faculty and the largesthospital in Israel, realized the need to overcome the gap between the evolvingdemands of medical leaders today, and the skills they are provided throughtraditional training.Sheba, together with SIT, deployed the Talpiot Medical Leadership Program, tocultivate the brightest young physicians into an elite group of doctor-managers,well-suited to hold leadership positions in Sheba’s future.The fellowship focuses on managerial, clinical research, and professionaldevelopment skills.Impact:• A secure future management level skilled to lead the hospital in its manydepartments, laboratories, and research facilities.•Cadre of problem solvers who capably tackle complex healthcare issues.•Heightened research recognition from Fellows’ work.• Regular creation of process improvements (clinical and administrative), due tothe entrepreneurial spirit of Talpiot Fellows.• Better connections with the broader medical community by leveraging Fellowsresearch and activities.
  10. 10. Helping young entrepreneurs to promote themselves betterGoal:Young Entrepreneurs Israel (YEI) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated tointroducing teenagers to the business world. SIT delivered Inventive Thinkingworkshops and Entrepreneurship in Advertising workshops to YEI instructorsand district managers. These methods are continuously implemented in the YEIprogram. Recently, SIT mentored the YEI team to finalize their product, define asingle-minded marketing message and design their presentation for the globalcompetition in The Netherlands.Impact:•Providing a proven skill set to teens that they can carry with them to the future.•Instilling a sense of competency in how they can use their minds.•Silver medalist for product innovation, and gold medalist for booth andpresentation: “Batzekalo” - an innovative rolling pin that stores flour within itsbody so that it can be easily shaken onto sticky dough with no fuss or mess.
  11. 11. Amdocs Software:Before Helping them to achieve their social mission, and in record time Senior management of Amdocs – a leading hi tech software company - got together for an innovation camp with SIT that began with an impossible mission - to create the Creativity and Innovation Center in Sderot, a relatively deprived town in the South of Israel, all within less than 20 hours! The Innovation Center in Sderot is now an integral part of theAfter “Tachlit Program“, which serves over 70 youth at risk who have dropped out of conventional educational establishments, and through their program exert a positive influence on the entire community in many ways. For the video click here
  12. 12. Hacienda Treasury Department, Bogota Municipality, Colombia:Making public management more efficient and friendlyHacienda is the Treasury Department of Bogota City Council, the capital cityof Colombia, serving a population of nine million. Their work ischaracterized by highly regulatory, bureaucratic processes and complexoperations - not particularly user-friendly - that often get in the way ofproviding an effective and efficient service to the city residents. Most of thestaff do not feel empowered to take personal initiatives to change the waythings are. The aim of impacto-I during a period of political flux was tocreate the largest possible impact in the shortest time in the operational andcultural areas.Impact:SIT ran a 1-year process, principally involving the tax collectiondepartments, which showed that it is possible to change an existing reality ofhow local government and citizens interact without spending vast sums ofmoney or engaging in extensive regulatory change.This involved training a core group of 26 innovation coaches drawn fromvarious treasury functions who then ran 26 innovation projectssimultaneously across various departments. With the initial focus was onthe tax area, the success of the results obtained so far have led to substantialfinancial savings quite quickly in a relatively short time and provide peoplewith the confidence to extend the process to other support areas in thefuture.
  13. 13. Bat Yam Municipality, Israel:Promoting personal entrepreneurship in educationThe Bat Yam Municipality realized that the route to successfulentrepreneurship needs nurturing and support, as it entails transforming adream that often requires more time and money than is usually available,and ultimately someone who will believe and encourage you.The Municipality of Bat Yam, located in Israel just south of Tel Aviv hasdeveloped a reputation for pioneering innovative programs in education andwanted to provide practical support for all those pioneers engaged indeveloping their vision for education. They approached SIT to help themcreate a concrete program.Impact:•Together with SIT, the City launched the Center for Entrepreneurship inEducation. This community of entrepreneurs now has some 400+ memberswho meet regularly both socially and for regular courses and one-to-onementoring done by SIT and center staff to help them achieve their dreams.•Alongside these activities, the Center launched an open innovationcompetition for new ventures in education which attracted over 300 entries.• The centre runs regular programs and activities for educationalentrepreneurs designed to bring entrepreneurship into the home and schooland make it part of the daily educational experience.
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