Mail to:simcon.simsree@gmail.comINDEXIt gives us great pleasure to announce that SIMCON – SIMSREE ConsultingClub has succe...
Renewable Energy consulting is allabout creating awareness about clean andnon-conventional sources of energy tothe general...
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd,commonly referred to as Deloitte, is oneof the Big Four professional servicesfirms along with...
Mr. Gulzar KarimConsultant at Deloitte Consulting LLP15th January 2013SIMCON (SIMSREE Consulting Club) blazed its trail by...
1. ZS Associates2. William Welch Deloitte , Deloitte3. BOOZ & Company4. Indira Nooyi5. W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgneof T...
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SIMSREE Consulting Club Newsletter -January 2013


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We have attached this month's SIMCON monthly newsletter-BEACON in this email.

Your feedback will help us go ahead in our path. We thank you for your contribution to the club and we expect your journey with our club continues.

Green Belt Six Sigma Certification Drive at SIMSREE by SIMCON with Benchmark team,
Article about RENEWABLE ENERGY CONSULTING by our own Mr. Prathamesh Limaye
SIMCON's First Guest Lecture from consulting world Mr. Gulzar Karim from Deloitte Consulting LLP
Know your Company: Deloitte
Mini Quizz for brainees

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SIMSREE Consulting Club Newsletter -January 2013

  1. 1. Mail to:simcon.simsree@gmail.comINDEXIt gives us great pleasure to announce that SIMCON – SIMSREE ConsultingClub has successfully hosted Green Belt Certification drive with the help of Bench-mark Six Sigma. During this workshop spanning 4 days (23rd, 24th, 26thand 27th) 24students witnessed some amazing teaching skills from none other than CEO andLead Facilitator of Benchmark Six Sigma, Mr. Vishwadeep Khatri.Mr. Vishwadeep conducted all four days at SIMSREE. It involved entirecourse of green belt certification. With the help of state of the art technologicalteaching and practices, he ensured that students are given all the knowledge andexpertise needed by Six Sigma practitioner as well he ensured that all four days oflearning will be remembered as pleasant & knowledgeable experience to all thestudents. Workshop ended on 27th with RABQSA certifying exam, which certifiedour students with Six Sigma Green Belt.Just after conducting guest lecture by the consultant of leading consultancyfirm Deloitte Consulting LLP, SIMCON has taken a big leap forward by completingSIX SIGMA certification drive successfully. Kudos to team and all the Participants !!1 . O P E N I N G O F 2 0 1 3 ( S I M C O N W I T H B E N C H M A R K T E A M )S I M C O N W I T HB E N C H M A R K T E A M1R E N E W A B L EE N E R G Y C O N S U L T I N G2K N O W U R C O M P A N Y :D E L O I T T E3G U E S T L E C T U R E B YM R . G U L Z A R K A R I M4Q U I Z F O R J A N U A R Y 5C O N T A C T U S 5A MONTHLY NEWSLETTER FROM SIMCON - SIMSREE CONSULTING CLUBB E A C O NBE-A-CONSULTANTSydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship EducationVolume 3 January 2013
  2. 2. Renewable Energy consulting is allabout creating awareness about clean andnon-conventional sources of energy tothe general mass and to facilitate the usageof such sources to the interested community.We all agree that this topic stands asutmost importance in today’s era where thepollution, global warming, fossil fuelsdegradation are burning issues and thistherefore calls upon to try & develop variousalternatives which can either complement orsubstitute the current sources of energy andcarve the way for new sustainable future.Some of the important sources ofenergy which Renewable Energy whichconsultant must have an expertise upon areshown as follows:Solar EnergyWind EnergyHydel PowerBiomassAs one can see, these sources ofenergy utilize a green or a clean modes ofenergy generation and these sources areeasily available & abundant.As a consultant one must have a allthe knowledge of happenings around thedevelopments happening in this field, andlegal and statutory supports provided bythe government in this field. Apart from this abasic know-how of the overall energy sector,because when you try and talk to clients fora possible solution.Adjacent pie chart shows that thecountry like India is heavily dependent onthe fossil fuel based sources of energy,which is grave impediment on India’s Energysecurity needs as any upward trends in theprices of fossil fuels directly impact theinfrastructural and fiscal deficit of thecountry. The very fact that UMPP projectslike Adani Mundra and Tata Power havebeen closed down or are being underutilizeddue to coal pricing and linkages issue clearlyhighlights this drawback. This also creates aserious power deficit within the economy.Q. Which are major Renewable EnergyConsultancy organizations, what sort ofservices do they provide?This is a very niche field of con-sulting and right now in the stages ofinfancy, but poised to grow by leaps andbounds in the coming decades. So onecannot typically name out the D&Bs orthe KMPGs for this sector. Having saidthat CRISIL’s infrastructure advisorydo have a section doing work in India.Typically Renewable Energy Con-sultancies go through the energy con-sumption profiles of their clients bystudying their Electricity Bills, Meterreading etc. and they set up a proposalgiving out the technical and the finan-cial feasibility of setting up an Alterna-tive Energy project for the clients.Once this report has been passedthrough, these consultants can help intendering & inviting bids from Ven-dors to help set up and execute this pro-ject as an EPC. Once the vendor hasbeen chosen, consultants can monitorthe project execution by the vendor andcan advise clients on the way his projectis being executed.Thus typically a consultant’s jobmainly deals in Project Managementright from pre proposal to post execu-tion monitoring. They may themselvesalso become vendors of a specific com-pany, i.e. Vertical integration to providefront end (consultancy) as well as backend (set-up) services.Q. Opportunities, pros & cons in thissectorAs this sector is in the range of infancy,career-growth opportunities are im-mense. However one needs lots of persis-tence, patience and perseverance in thisfield as due to their inherent high capitalcosts, Renewable Energy projects taketypically more than a year to pass throughin terms of decision making for a client.For being a successful consultant onemust have the conviction to convinceyour client. As this is a word-of-mouthindustry, it is of utmost importance to beeffective in relationship management withyour clients.Q. About ETA Energy Consultancy Ser-vices EECSEta is the Greek symbol for Efficiency(also acronym for Energy Efficiency in thefields of Electrical, Thermal and Air han-dling.)EECS provides consultancy in thefield of Renewable Energy, Energy Audit,Green Building Solutions and in the fieldof Efficient Electrical Installations.(Founded by Mr. S.C. Limaye BE Electricaland BEE Certified Energy Auditor in March2011 in March 2011.)Having more than 10 years of experi-ence in the renewable energy sector beingthe Alternate Energy Sources head Indiafor ACC Ltd & Ambuja Cements Ltd.Mail me: Prathmesh.Limaye@simsree.netPage 2: BEACONB E A C O N : R E N E W A B L E E N E R G Y C O N S U L T I N GContributed By: Mr. PrathmeshLimaye, SIMSREE, MMS 2011-2013
  3. 3. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd,commonly referred to as Deloitte, is oneof the Big Four professional servicesfirms along with Ernst & Young, PwC(PricewaterhouseCoopers), and KPMG.Deloitte is the second largestprofessional services network in the worldby revenue and has 193,000 employeesin more than over 150 countries providingaudit, tax, consulting, enterprise riskand financial advisory services. InFY 2012, Deloitte earned a record $31.3billion USD in revenues.In 2012, it is reported that in theU. K. Deloitte has the largest number ofclients amongst FTSE 250 companies.Its global headquarters is locatedin New York City, United States.* Services offered by DeloitteDeloitte member firms offer itsservices in the following functions, withcountry-specific variations on theirlegal implementation (i.e. all operatingwithin single company or through separatelegal entities operating as subsidiaries ofan umbrella legal entity for the country)* Audit, Enterprise Risk Services:Provides the organization withtraditional accounting & audit services,as well as offerings in the enterprise riskmanagement, information security andprivacy, data quality & integrity, projectrisk, business continuity management,internal auditing and IT control assur-ance.* Consulting:Assists clients by providing themservices in the areas like technologyintegration, strategy and operations,enterprise applications, human capital,and short-term outsourcing.D E L O I T T EPage 3: BEACONK N O W Y O U R C O M P A N Y* Financial Advisory:Provides corporate finance servicesto clients, including dispute, personal andcommercial bankruptcy, forensics, e-discovery, document review, advisoryand valuation servicesPublic Sector:Deloitte is one of the leadingproviders of state benefits eligibility sys-tems and is widely recognized as an indus-try leader across the United States for Medi-caid Eligibility Systems.* Tax:Deloitte Helps clients increase theirnet asset value, undertake transfer pricingand international tax activities of multina-Deloitte ConsultingParentCompanyDeloitte Touche TohmatsuLimitedSector Financial ServicesTagline Always One Step AheadUSPThey provide implementationservices along with consultationSTPSegmentCompanies looking for businessand management consultingTargetGroupUrban businesses and corporateorganisationsPositioning Auditing and financial consultantSWOT AnalysisStrength1. Business –led and IT-enabledapproach to the clients2. Experts in audit businesshaving over 193,000 employeesin 150 countriesWeakness1. They have not yet penetratedcompletely in Asia Pacific region2. Expert in financial & auditservices limits them from beingstrategy consultantsOpportu-nity1. With financial & audit exper-tise entry in Global financialservices2. They could pursue more ofmid-market businessesThreats1. Stiff competition from existingindustry players2. Fluctuations in currenciesaffects international projectsDeloitte In Consulting News:Jan. 16 Todd Kerr, an accomplishedhealth industry compliance & audit executive ,has joined Deloitte & Touche LLP’s expandingnational Governance, Regulatory and RiskStrategies (GR&RS) practice. He is managingdirector serving Deloitte’s health care clients.Tech, media- telecommunications(TMT) practice at Deloitte has announced itspredictions for the media sector in 2013. Theyhave predicted Next generation HD 4K’s kickoff and Mobile advertising being replaced byLong live tablet & smartphone advertising.Deloitte has acquired substantially allof the business of Monitor, one of the world’sleading strategy consulting firms. Transactioncombines Monitor’s strong brand, thoughtleadership and exceptional talent withDeloitte’s extensive reach, access andresources to consolidate Deloitte’s positionas a worldwide leader in strategy consulting.Monitor’s talent and assets will combine withDeloitte’s consulting strategy service lines,resulting in a new global presence that willredefine consulting industry.
  4. 4. Mr. Gulzar KarimConsultant at Deloitte Consulting LLP15th January 2013SIMCON (SIMSREE Consulting Club) blazed its trail by helping studentsget a better perspective of consulting as a career options its opportunities andexpectations. Mr. Gulzar Karim, consultant at Deloitte Consulting LLP, USA also ourAlumni from the batch 2008 proved to be a great harbinger. He threw light on theinclusion of consultancy as a career option. How the well known audit firms recognized the needs of companies requir-ing consultancy mainly in the four main domains viz. Strategy, Operations, IT and HR & therefore leading firms todevelop individual knowledge centers. He also cited examples of top consulting firms such as McKinsey & Co, Bain &co and Big Four namely Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, PwC.Mr. Gulzar Karim showcased the perks and perils associated with working in a consulting firm. One im-portant aspect that was discussed from the point of career option was “Consulting is not just limited to those pursuingMarketing, but many fractions like Public Private Partnership which has gained impetus in recent times gives stu-dents having Finance as Majors a new opportunity”.A real touch was added by Mr Karim sharing his experience in this arena, leading to interesting concepts likeshadow costing, feasibility study and Competitor analysis. While we reflected upon the amount of study that goesbehind consulting, our discussion briefly touched upon the difference in working of Consulting firms because of differ-ent economies, in USA and India. This is now what we call Out of Class learning without actually moving out!Mr. Gulzar in his session was very apt in answering each & every questions by his personal experience& knowledge in consulting field. It was indeed a great start by our SIMCON club and we Thank Mr. Gulzar Karim formaking it possible.Guest LecturePage 4: BEACONSIX SIGMA DRIVE: (from page 1)Feedback from participants:All of us enjoyed the workshop and students looking forward for more such workshops and learning opportunities such asBlack Belt Certification. Mr. Khatri is very nice in teaching style and like his teaching method with tablet PC and LCD projector, itmakes easy for teacher and students both. Sense of humour of Mr. Khatri was added advantage for us it made sure we won’t feelmonotonous study session, but rather it felt entertaining. Also liked Mr. Khatris ability to keep students on the toes by allottingpoints (500, 2000) for quiz competition questions in between.Benchmark team was also pleased with the participants knowledge & eagerness to learn, team appreciated participantson their forum & uploaded batch’s photo. Benchmark team also formed a BaseCamp group on their forum for our batch where pro-jects & activities can be discussed and be provided with their guidance.Batch Photo Links:
  5. 5. 1. ZS Associates2. William Welch Deloitte , Deloitte3. BOOZ & Company4. Indira Nooyi5. W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgneof The Blue Ocean StrategyMail Answers withSubject= simcon_quiz_jan_2013First Received All Correct Answers willbe published in next month’s Edition.C O N G R A T S ! ! A N S W E R S T O V O L - 2 . D E C .A. Whose products also have a range of brands that go by the names Chant, Bag of Rhythm and Get up Stand up?B. Connect the Tata Nano, Maruti A-Star and the Honda CBR 250cc motorcycle and what to you arrive at?C. What is common between the Hong Kong Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Reserve Bank of India buildings in Mum-bai and the richest man in Ireland of the year 2011?D. In the London 2012 Olympics, no advertisements were allowed in the stadium and no logos may be emblazoned on theathletes kits except for two brands. Name the brands and state the reason for this exception.E. The trademark of this brand was painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds in 1876 and was called the Infant Hercules. This brandis being manufactured and sold in India since the mid 50s. Name it.QUIZZ TIME !!Contributions invited: To make this feature a successful effort, we seek continuedinvolvement and contribution. From our readers, that is YOU. We invite articles and triviaon themes related to consulting. Be it industry news, consulting trends, a joke, a cartoon orfeedback, we are eager to hear from you. So go ahead, do your research, pen down yourthoughts and mail your entries to Regards,SIMCON –SIMSREE CONSULTING CLUBSIMSREE, B-ROAD CHURCHGATE 400 020, INDIA.Mail To: simcon.simsree@gmail.comQUIZZ FOR JANUARY 2013Mr. Chetan MetkarMMS 2012-14SIMSREE