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The BBC KM Story


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Presentation by Euan Semple to the SIKM Leaders Community on September 18, 2018

Published in: Business
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The BBC KM Story

  1. 1. @euan The BBC KM Story Euan Semple
  2. 2. @euan A little bit of history BBC World Service John Birt
  3. 3. @euan A forum - but not like we know it Jim…
  4. 4. @euan DigiLab
  5. 5. @euan The outside World Bulletin boards IRC Blogging
  6. 6. @euan First Steps
  7. 7. @euan Keeping it simple
  8. 8. @euan Growth through example and advocacy
  9. 9. @euan Moving managers
  10. 10. @euan Compromise
  11. 11. @euan Broader KM After Action Reviews Active Directory Workgroup Learning and Development
  12. 12. @euan Issues Trust Power “Digital Transformation”
  13. 13. @euan Learning
  14. 14. @euan Why this is still hard
  15. 15. @euan Tips Keep moving, stay in touch, and head for the high ground Shared sense of ownership Leadership One conversation at a time
  16. 16. @euan Thanks