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David Gurteen - Organisational Conversation - SIKM

  1. 1. Organizational ConversationOrganizational Conversation David Gurteen SIKM Sept 2013
  2. 2. What is our mostWhat is our most effective KM tool?effective KM tool?
  3. 3. Our most effective KM tool is conversation The words we choose, the questions we ask, and the metaphors we use to explain ourselves are what determine our success in creating new knowledge as well as sharing that knowledge with each other. Nancy Dixon Common Knowledge
  4. 4. Conversation is the most powerful learning technology ever invented Conversations carry news, create meaning, foster cooperation, and spark innovation. Encouraging open, honest conversation through work space design, setting ground rules for conversing productively, and baking conversation into the corporate culture spreads intellectual capital, improves cooperation, and strengthens personal relationships. Jay Cross, Informal Learning
  5. 5. Henry of Germany giving a lecture at the University of Bologna in the 14th century
  6. 6. Have you ever questioned the lecture asHave you ever questioned the lecture as a means of teaching/learning?a means of teaching/learning?
  7. 7. Gurteen Knowledge CafeGurteen Knowledge Cafe London, September 2002
  8. 8. Global Knowledge CafésGlobal Knowledge Cafés • I have run them all over the world • Some interesting cultural experiences • Format always works • People love to talk • Discovered their power
  9. 9. Basic Café ProcessBasic Café Process • Speaker makes short presentation • Poses a trigger question • Small group conversations at tables • Three rounds of conversation • Whole group conversation (circle) • Share actionable insights Process can be adapted depending on purpose, context, numbers, venue etc
  10. 10. Guiding PrincipleGuiding Principle • The Knowledge Café provides an environment for an open learning conversation – Anything that gets in the way of the conversation should be avoided – It is about dialogue not debate
  11. 11. Café PrinciplesCafé Principles • Everyone is equal; no table leaders; no reporting back • No one is forced to do anything – OK to just listen • People are trusted to talk about what is important – OK to go off-topic • People take the real outcomes away in their heads • Minimal summarization or attempt to reach consensus
  12. 12. Café OutcomesCafé Outcomes • Outcomes are what you take away in your head • Deeper understanding of the issues discussed • Deeper insight into other people’s perspectives • Better appreciation of your own point of view • Improved relationships • Position to make more informed decisions
  13. 13. A true Knowledge CafeA true Knowledge Cafe A true Knowledge Café is not about group decision making or reaching a consensus or a documented proposal. A true Knowledge Café is about individual learning, and insights; the surfacing of assumptions, issues, problems, and opportunities; seeing things that have not been seen before or seen only dimly. David Gurteen
  14. 14. Harnessing the power ofHarnessing the power of conversation in ourconversation in our organisationsorganisations
  15. 15. Conversational ToolsConversational Tools • Knowledge Cafés • Knowledge Jams • Peer Assists, After Action Reviews, Retrospects • Anecdote Circles • Ritual Dissent • Reverse Brainstorm • Open Space Technology • Unconference, unworkshop and Barcamps • Conversation Dinners and Walks
  16. 16. Knowledge Café ApplicationsKnowledge Café Applications
  17. 17. Replace the Death byReplace the Death by PowerPoint/LecturePowerPoint/Lecture
  18. 18. Trinidad & Tobago Oil and GasTrinidad & Tobago Oil and Gas
  19. 19. Transform any TalkTransform any Talk • Move from – presentation + Q&A – 30 mins + 10 mins • to – presentation + reflection + conversation + Q&A • Allow – 20 mins presentation – 2 mins for reflection – 10 mins for conversation – 8 mins for Q&A KM UK KM Australia KM Singapore ECU Forum Mumbai + Johannesburg
  20. 20. Surfacing IssuesSurfacing Issues
  21. 21. ISN ZurichISN Zurich • Dramatic improvement in inter-team dialog, collaboration & knowledge sharing • Many internal work processes overhauled as a result • Explosion of new ideas & initiatives on the part of staff at all levels of the organization • Empowered staff to speak up and take the initiative Chris Pallaris Chief Editor, ISN, Zurich
  22. 22. ING Bank Academy, AmsterdamING Bank Academy, Amsterdam Transform ManagementTransform Management TrainingTraining
  23. 23. Challenging MindsChallenging Minds • Education programme for mid-level managers • Abandoned lecture style training • Small Knowledge Café style conversations around specific topics • Short videos downloaded from YouTube
  24. 24. Transform MeetingsTransform Meetings
  25. 25. Transform Decision Making MeetingsTransform Decision Making Meetings • Break meetings into two parts • To better understand the issues – Dialogue - Café style – Divergent – Understanding • To make decisions and plans – Debate – Convergent – Making a decision
  26. 26. Do you agree?Do you agree? Is conversation our mostIs conversation our most effective KM tool?effective KM tool?
  27. 27. www.gurteen.comwww.gurteen.com David GURTEEN Gurteen Knowledge Fleet, United Kingdom Tel: +44 7774 178 650 Email: david.gurteen@gurteen.com • Get in touch if you would like a copy of my Knowledge Café Tipsheet • It’s available in several different languages