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The Recruitment Service (1)


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The Recruitment Service (1)

  1. 1. The Recruitment ServiceWe know that the Recruiting a new team member can be a very daunting taskfor any business, even if handled in an efficient manner, it can still be a timeconsuming job you could well do without!Even when you think you have found your ideal candidate, how much moretime will you spend out of your daily business activities, carrying out candidateassessments, training, induction, and ensuring you are aware of and complywith all the necessary employment law?Employing a specialist consultancy business like The Adviser Partnership,for all your recruitment needs, will ensure that not only is your time freed up toconcentrate on what you do best, but will ensure tried and tested methodsof recruitment, assessment, induction and training are utilised to give you thebest possible chance of ensuring you find the right candidate who is not onlyideal to the role but also ideal to the business and team and will become andremain an asset to your business.The BenefitsOur extensive knowledge and experience allows us to offer you the supportand guidance in the following HR areas:• Recruiting building and retaining a truly unique team• Understanding and ensuring your legal obligations as an employer• Capitalising on existing core skills to enhance team skills and knowledge• Successfully developing your team through appraisals and trainingPLUS• We will give you a whole library of HR tools, templates, checklists and guides for you use in your own business!
  2. 2. Who we areWe are experts in providing specialist solutions to the ever-demandingchallenges that you as financial planners and firms, face day to day.Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to offer you thesupport and guidance that you need in the following areas:• Creating operational procedures and policies• Building and enhancing team structures• Redesigning workflow and task management• Implementing effective back office systems• Designing, implementing and running HR and Payroll functions• Understanding and managing key professional partner relationshipsOur main objective is to make sure that you and your business areworking as efficiently and as effectively as possible. We are extremelyflexible in our approach and aim to add value to your business by workingclosely with you to help implement the right systems and tools which inturn will free up more of your time to spend on client facing revenuegenerating activities.Your choiceIf you want to work smarter and more efficiently because you know therehas to be a better way of working than ‘your way’, then call or drop us anemail.And don’t forget all of our work is covered by our Value BenefitsGuarantee which means that if you gain no value from our work togetherthen we will give you your money straight back! We can’t be fairer thanthat!It would be our pleasure to work with you so together we can take thefirst step in reshaping your business and life forever.