The Hr Department Management


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The Hr Department Management

  1. 1. The HR DepartmentOutsourcing the management of your HR and payroll function not only givesyou the peace of mind that your legal obligations are being met but mostimportantly allows you to focus your efforts on areas within your business thatyou know best. Through the HR department we will provide you with thefollowing;HR• A full suite of customised HR documented templates, checklists, forms andpolicies to suit your business requirements• Bi annual document updates allowing you to keep your toolkit up to date and inline with any legislative changes• A full audit of your employee files and record keeping systems to ensure legalcompliance• Full access to email and telephone HR advice – when you need it! (including £100,000 of legal protection insurance)• 10% discount on the “The HR Best Practice” workshop 1 to 5 employees - £127.00 per month*, plus VAT 5 to 10 employee - £147.00 per month*, plus VATPayrollA fully managed payroll service for your staff which includes;Please note: further services may be provided such as the inclusion of additional payments, payrolldeductions and the creation of annual P11D’s)• The running of your monthly payroll• The creation of your annual reports and returns• The issuing of individual payslips  1 to 5 employees - £107.50 per month*, plus VAT 5 to 10 employee - £127.50 per month*, plus VAT* Minimum 12 month contract applies
  2. 2. The HR Best Practice WorkshopYour team is your most valuable asset so why wouldn’t you want to dowhat was right by them. To help you understand how to get the bestfrom your team whilst meeting your legal obligations we have puttogether a 1 day best practice workshop which will give you an insightinto the following areas;• Your legal obligations as an employer• How to recruit and build a truly unique team• How to lead and motivate to achieve maximum performance• How to successfully develop your team through appraisals and training £327.50 plus VATWho we areWe are industry experts in providing specialist solutions to the ever-demanding challenges that you face day to day.Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to offer you thesupport and guidance that you need in the following areas;• Human resources and payroll• Recruiting and enhancing team structures• Creating operational procedures and policies• Redesigning workflow and task management• Implementing effective back office systemsOur main objective is to make sure that you and your business areworking as efficiently and as effectively as possible. We are extremelyflexible in our approach and aim to add value to your business by workingclosely with you to free up more of your time to spend on client facingrevenue generating activities.