Michelle Hoskin Profile Presentation Overview The Magical Number 7!


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Michelle Hoskin - Speaker and Presentation Overview

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Michelle Hoskin Profile Presentation Overview The Magical Number 7!

  1. 1. NAME: Michelle HoskinPROFESSION: Financial Services Speaker • Entrepreneur • AuthorCOMPANIES: The Adviser Partnership – www.theadviserpartnership.co.uk Standards International – www.standardsinternational.co.ukPUBLICATIONS: ‘Best Practice Makes Perfect! 171 inspirational ideas to help achieve a perfect practice’CONTACT DETAILS: EMAIL: support@michellehoskin.com TELEPHONE: +44 (0)1462 442447 TWITTER: @Michellehoskin LINKEDIN: /standardsexpert WEBSITE: www.michellehoskin.com ADDRESS: 5 The Granary, Fairclough Hall, Weston, Hertfordshire, SG4 7DP, UKABOUT MICHELLE HOSKINMichelle is well known for her endless enthusiasm and energy, infectious personality and unique outlook on whatshe describes as a “magical business”. With over 13 years’ experience working with the UK’s leading and mostsuccessful practices, she is internationally recognised as the font of knowledge and leading expert in identifyingbest practice standards of operation within financial services.Through her work with The Adviser Partnership and Standards International, she delivers innovative solutionsproven to eliminate the debilitating challenges faced by financial services professionals every day. As a regularspeaker at conferences, seminars and workshops both in the UK and overseas (including the Million Dollar RoundTable Annual Meeting – Anaheim 2012) her insights and ideas never fail to stimulate and inspire others to achievethe remarkable.PRESENTATION OVERVIEW – The Magical Number 7!There are many financial advisers and planners throughout the UK and overseas who would agree (if they werehonest) that they are not natural business owners or leaders. Despite this, many have become victims of their ownsuccess, finding themselves responsible not only for winning and developing relationships with clients but also forlooking after the day-to-day running of the business. Despite their every effort to delegate (albeit badly), this includestaking care of staff development, IT, operations and – of course – managing the financials.With all this on their plate, many advisers and planners often find themselves bumbling along, with very little businessfocus, vision and direction. The consequence is the final realisation that they never quite made it; they never quitereached their true potential as a business owner – or even as a financial adviser or planner.Through Michelle’s own personal experience of having two very successful and busy businesses and a young family,she knows first-hand that it is essential constantly to balance being great at her job while at the same time runningand driving a great business.By sharing The Seven Key Business Streams™, the audience will gain an appreciation for the key areas thatevery business owner should understand if they are to build a business that clients want to work with and thatpeople want to work for!
  2. 2. In addition, Michelle will introduce the concept and content of The Operations Management System™ – asolution she has created which contains numerous operational guidelines, process maps and supporting documenttemplates. For many advisers and planners throughout the world, this unique solution has provided an invaluableframework, allowing them to be free from the day-to-day workings of ‘the office’ while their team and their businessdeliver consistent and high levels of client service.IDEAS TO TAKE AWAY AND IMPLEMENTIn either a 60- or 90-minute presentation, Michelle’s ideas promise to be to the point, easy to understand and, mostimportantly, easy to explain to an adviser’s or planner’s own support person and/or team. If they are to be successfulin engaging their team’s help to implement the ideas effectively and make appropriate changes, this will proveinvaluable.All attendees will take away a valuable insight and thorough understanding of The Seven Key Business Streams™,which include:1. Business Management2. Financial Management3. Human Resource Management4. Financial Advice and Planning Services5. Client Management6. Marketing and Business Development7. TechnologyOnce each of The Seven Key Business Streams™ is understood, shared with the support person and/or team andeffectively addressed, they will be instrumental in changing the way advisers and planners work and will reward themwith one or more of the following:1. A much clearer vision and plan for the business as a whole2. A feeling of relief from knowing that they are not expected to take on every role within the business3. A realisation of the opportunities that exist both for the business and for them personally, and a clear path showinghow to achieve their true potential4. A renewed enthusiasm and enjoyment for what they do.