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MDRT Presentation Handout!


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MDRT Presentation Handout!

  1. 1. R 2012 MDRT Annual Meeting e-Handout MaterialTitle: Create and Lead a 21st-Century PracticeSpeaker: Michelle HoskinPresentation Date: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.The Million Dollar Round Table® does not guarantee the accuracy of tax and legal matters and is notliable for errors and omissions. You are urged to check with professionals in your state, province orcountry. MDRT also suggests that you consult local insurance regulations pertaining to the use ofvisual material with clients.© 2012 Million Dollar Round TableMillion Dollar Round Table Phone: +1 847.692.6378325 West Touhy Ave Fax: +1 847.692.4615Park Ridge, IL 60068 USA Website:
  2. 2. The Practice Management System™1.0 Introduction1.1 The Practice Management System™ (PMS)1.2 Contact2.0 The Company2.1 Company Profile2.2 Regulatory Framework and Redress System2.3 Company Subsidiaries2.4 Professional Insurance2.5 Certifications and Registrations3.0 Our Aim3.1 Our Core Values3.2 Our Internal Code of Conduct4.0 Company Objectives5.0 Company Policies5.1 Quality5.2 Risk Management5.3 Equality and Diversity5.4 Compliance5.5 Health and Safety5.6 Corporate Social Responsibility5.7 Information Security6.0 Business Review Process6.1 Business Review Documentation7.0 HR Management7.1 Our Unique Team7.2 Profiles7.3 Confidentiality Agreements7.4 Benefits Management7.5 HR & Payroll Related Enquiries7.6 Sickness and Holiday Management7.7 HR Documentation8.0 Continual Professional Development and Education (CPDE)8.1 Overview8.2 Tools8.3 Sign Off8.4 CPD Documentation9.0 Recruitment9.1 Performance Management9.2 Recruitment Documentation10.0 Training10.1 Overview10.2 Sign Off10.3 Training Documentation11.0 Member Associations and Accreditations12.0 Training and Competence Scheme (T & C)12.1 Overview12.2 Designated Individuals12.3 T & C Responsibilities12.4 Permitted ActivitiesThe Practice Management System™ © Michelle Hoskin 2009/2010/2011/2012 Version 3.0 03/12
  3. 3. 12.5 Competence12.6 Key Performance Indicators (KPI)12.7 Fit and Proper12.8 Record Keeping12.9 Review of the Training and Competence Scheme13.0 Document Control13.1 Regulation and Policy13.2 Practice Management System™ (PMS)13.3 PMS Amendments13.4 Document Creation and Control13.5 Storage of emails13.6 Archiving13.7 Confidential Information14.0 Information Security14.1 Regulation and Policy14.2 During Employment14.3 Termination or Change of Employment14.4 Equipment Security14.5 Password Management14.6 Clear Desk and Clear Screen Policy15.0 Risk Management15.1 Risk Reducer15.2 Asset Register15.3 Business Continuity (Plan)15.4 Disaster Recovery (Plan)16.0 Purchasing and Suppliers16.1 Budget Holders Responsibility16.2 Purchase of Overhead Items16.3 Control of Preferred and Approved Suppliers and Sub-Contractors16.4 Maintenance of Office Equipment and Technology16.5 Purchasing and Suppliers Documentation17.0 Introducers17.1 Overview and Relationships17.2 Introducer Documentation18.0 Providers19.0 Clients19.1 Our Client Commitment19.2 Client Profiles19.3 Client Lifecycle and Client Journey19.4 Client Communication19.5 Testimonials20.0 Continual Improvement20.1 Policy20.2 Responsibility20.3 Continual Improvement Documentation21.0 Treating Customers Fairly21.1 Overview21.2 How We Treat Customers Fairly21.3 Our Policy21.4 Our Processes21.5 TCF Documentation22.0 Ethics and Ethical BehaviourThe Practice Management System™ © Michelle Hoskin 2009/2010/2011/2012 Version 3.0 03/12
  4. 4. 23.0 Hospitality Procedure23.1 Reception23.2 Procedure24.0 Scope of Services24.1 Programmes24.2 Charging Structure25.0 The Six Steps of Personal Financial Planning25.1 Overview25.2 Step 125.3 Step 225.4 Step 325.5 Step 425.6 Step 525.7 Step 626.0 Business Processing27.0 Financial and Accounting27.1 Overview27.2 The Process27.3 The Tools27.4 Financial and Accounting Documentation28.0 Compliance28.1 Overview28.2 Compliance Consultancy28.3 Regular Updates28.4 File Audits28.5 Themed Maintenance28.6 Confidentiality28.7 Data Protection28.8 Compliance Documentation28.9 Conflicts of interest28.10 Whistleblowing28.11 Personal Transactions29.0 Marketing and Promotions29.1 Marketing Strategy29.2 Collateral29.3 Financial Promotions29.4 Authorisation30.0 IT Infrastructure and Systems30.1 Hardware Environment30.2 Software Systems30.3 IT Security30.4 IT Support30.5 IT and Systems Infrastructure Documentation31.0 Business and Office Management31.1 Daily Responsibilities31.2 General Office Safety and Security31.3 Post31.4 Telephones31.5 Task Management, Tracking and Workload31.6 Office Stationery and EquipmentThe Practice Management System™ © Michelle Hoskin 2009/2010/2011/2012 Version 3.0 03/12