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SIGMA Fast Forward - Web Analytics


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SIGMA Fast Forward - Web Analytics

  1. 1. SIGMA’s Fast Forward Is your website delivering WEB ANALYTICS the ROI you expected? Web: Blog: Twitter: @SIGMA_MktgGrpDon’t let your website leave conversions on the table!No matter what results you expect your website to deliver — from maximizing Find out how well your website deliversleads and sales opportunities, to generating product interest and assisting in on its primary business objectives.customer support — achieving the greatest ROI comes from understandingyour customers and your data.Fast Forward Web Analytics, from SIGMA Marketing Group, is a 7-day digitalassessment, providing insight on improving website performance and onlinecustomer engagement on multiple levels. • Identify actionable recommendations for improving your website or internet marketing to achieve your business objectives or address trouble spots. • Discover which site content has a positive or negative impact on leads, sales and engagement objectives. • Evaluate factors that affect your business goals, such as searches, advertising, mobile activity, e-mail campaigns and more. About SIGMA Marketing • Align your website’s role within your existing multichannel marketing strategy. SIGMA Marketing Group engages your customers through analytics, • Establish a benchmark for growth — while highlighting areas strategy and technology. We make for improvement. multichannel work for you, using both digital and traditional direct marketingFast ForwardWA is easy. Using your existing web analytics tools, SIGMA will channels. We’ll improve your customerget your company ready to improve digital results with actionable business relationships both online and offline,insights for your website. with an eye on ROI. Web: sigmamarketing.comGo Fast ForwardWA in just 7 days. Blog: Twitter: @SIGMA_MktgGrpContact SIGMA Marketing Group at 888-277-9837 orvisit For more information about SIGMA’s Fast Forward solutions, call 888-277-9837.