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How Can I Do More with My Data?


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If you ask yourself these questions:
Which of my customers are leaving?
Why won't my marketing tools talk to each other?
Why is my data such a mess.

mi-Link provides the missing link.

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How Can I Do More with My Data?

  1. 1. How can I do more with my data? Discover the missing link.
  2. 2. Your customers are in control.They decide where and when to buy — and from whom. As a marketer, you want to meet their needs…
  3. 3. … you capture data with every contact. So you are data rich — but insight poor.How will you use all that data to make smarter marketing decisions?
  4. 4. With mi-Link, from SIGMA Marketing Group. Picture mi-Link as a brain: — Collecting your customer data from every available source. — Enhancing your data with a storehouse of 200 MM+ consumer and business records. — Using analytics to convert data into intelligence. — Enabling a 360-degree view of your customer. — Accessible via your own personal portal.
  5. 5. mi-Link includes your own personal portal.mi-Link is yourwindow tocustomer truth.It gives you the ability to:— drill down to an individualcustomer or prospect record.— extract data for campaigns orpresentations.— provide metrics and insight fromevery marketing effort.
  6. 6. The mi-Link portal enables smarter decision-making.You can intelligently and seamlessly run marketing programs using mi-Link. It flexibly interfaces with your sales force automation tool or campaign management tool, or with SIGMA’s ChannelSMARTSM Engine.
  7. 7. SIGMA’s mi-Link will help you to: — Solve your biggest business problems — Optimize your product mix — Improve the customer experience — Unify marketing metrics — Maximize marketing ROI
  8. 8. Do more withyour data.For moreinformation, call:888.277.9837.