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Presentation, Daria Bochnar and Miroslawa Boryczka, joint SIGMA ReSPA PIFC regional conference, Skopje, 19 September 2019


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Presentation on management and control systems - how to asses them, Daria Bochnar, SIGMA expert, and Miroslawa Boryczka, SIGMA, at the joint SIGMA-ReSPA PIFC regional conference for EU candidate countries and potential candidates, Skopje, 19 September 2019.

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Presentation, Daria Bochnar and Miroslawa Boryczka, joint SIGMA ReSPA PIFC regional conference, Skopje, 19 September 2019

  1. 1. © OECD Management and control systems how to assess them? 5th Regional Conference on Public Internal Financial Control for EU candidate countries and potential candidates Workshops for managers Mirosława Boryczka Daria Bochnar
  2. 2. Workshop objective 1 By the end of the workshop participant will: • understand the fundaments of management and control systems, • understand how to reduce risk in the public organization by implementing and maintaining the strong and effective control environment, • be conscious of importance of strong management and control system, in your everyday work, becoming “ambassadors” for good control, including execution, monitoring and assessing effectiveness of existing controls in your own organization.
  3. 3. Management systems based on COSO model • The management controls outcomes concerning key results and progress towards the achievements of general and specific objectives. • Managers have to create strong management and control systems to enhance the operational efficiency and effectiveness of their organisation and the achievement of its objectives. 2
  4. 4. Management and control systems benefits of self-assessment guide • Enhanced understanding and assessment of the current state of play of any element of management • Structured set of management and control arrangements for the efficient and effective delivery of objectives. • Examples of mechanism on how to implement different elements of management and control systems • Toolkit to facilitate self-checking of compliance with the COSO principles through a set of questions 3
  5. 5. Guidelines for assessing the quality of internal control systems 4 Description and examples of key elements of efficient IC systems using the 17 COSO principles Overall principles of effective IC Examples of good practice and practical implemenation of various aspects of COSO principles
  6. 6. Examples and discussion  Principle 3: The public organisation establishes structures, reporting lines, authorities and responsibilities; • room: Platinum 1 (simultaneous interpretation provided)  Principle 5: The public organisation enforces accountability. • room: Gold (English only) 5