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PPT, A Bespalova, Ukraine, Third ENP East public procurement conference, Tbilisi, 6 November 2019


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PPT, A Bespalova, Ukraine, Third ENP East public procurement conference, Tbilisi, 6 November 2019

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PPT, A Bespalova, Ukraine, Third ENP East public procurement conference, Tbilisi, 6 November 2019

  1. 1. Improvement of ProZorro Development of electronic services and possibilities
  2. 2. 3.8 mln tenders 250 thou participants 37 thou contracting authorities ProZorro is an online public procurement platform and a cooperation environment ensuring open access to public procurement (tenders) in Ukraine. 100% encrypted innovative procurement system; $3.8 bln saved (taxpayers’ money); the best reform in Ukraine
  3. 3. E-Procurement Ensuring transparency in procurement and possibilities for quality analysis Transparent Procurement Procedure All online procurement stages (from planning through contract implementation) in real-time mode Electronic submission of bids Easy for businesses Availability of machine-readable data Data analysis for effective control by controlling agencies and the public
  4. 4. New Opportunities Services and Tools New Rules E-Catalogues Preliminary market consultations Review with payment Offices of agencies Integration with registers E-Documentation
  5. 5. The 24-hours Mechanism Storing the best offer in case of errors occurring due to the human factor Step 1 Disclosure of bids Step 4 The bidder rectifies incompliances in the information within 24 hours Step 2 The contracting authority discovers incompliances Step 3 The contracting authority places a request to rectify incompliances in the system
  6. 6. Abnormally Low Bid Value Anti-dumping Mechanism The bidder’s offer is >40% lower than the average value of other bids at the initial stage of the auction AND/OR 30% lower than the second best offer according to the e-auction. Automatically identified by the e-system at each stage of the auction with at least two bidders.
  7. 7. E-Registers that are integrated United public register of legal entities and physical persons – entrepreneurs Public Register of Medications Public Spending Portal of the State Treasury Public Register of the Fiscal Service
  8. 8. Improvement of Control 1. Step one Ensure compliance with law and prevention of violations 2. Step two Monitoring as a means of preventive control 3. Step three Use of risk indicators
  9. 9. Everyone can see every single detail of the Public Procurement process in Ukraine. Information can be analyzed from different perspectives. For instance, the system can show complete information for a region, suppler or contracting authority, etc. More than 14 tools for NGO monitoring that utilize ProZorro’s open code and help analyze procurement by different methods.
  10. 10. Towards Further Professional Improvement Database Inforresource and Infobox CPA A separate office space Online Training for different target audiences Testing of Authorized Persons Checking of basic knowledge
  11. 11. Keeping in Touch: My contact details:
  12. 12. Thank you for your attention