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Agenda "Public administration reforms in Kosovo" 20 March 2018 - English


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English agenda of the conference “Public Administration Reforms in Kosovo: Civil service reforms, accountable state structures and public finance controls”, held in Pristina on 20 March 2018.

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Agenda "Public administration reforms in Kosovo" 20 March 2018 - English

  1. 1. Public Administration Reform in Kosovo: Civil Service Reforms, Accountable State Structures and Public Finance Controls Pristina, 20 March 2018 How is Kosovo doing in terms of modernising its public administration and making it more accountable to and effective for its citizens compared to the past and the region? Is Kosovo meeting the expectations of the EU enlargement process in this area? The launch of the SIGMA 2017 Monitoring Report provides an opportunity for experts, Government officials, civil society representatives and international actors to discuss the state of play and the way forward. A high-level panel will link these efforts to the broader EU Enlargement context, discuss whole-of- government approaches for effective policy making, high-performing civil service, accountable state structures and prudent use of public finances. The event is open to all, but only upon registration. Please register before March 14th by sending an email to Ms. Inmaculada Valencia: Agenda 09.00 – 9.30 Welcome and registration 09.30 – 10.00 Opening remarks and regional comparison 9.30 Opening remarks Mahir Yagcilar, Minister of Public Administration Introduction to SIGMA, the methodology and regional comparison Miroslawa Boryczka and Jesper Johnson - SIGMA 9.40 10.00 – 12.15 2017 SIGMA Monitoring Report – Interactive panel sessions 10.00 Strategies for public administration reform and effective policy making  Timo Ligi - SIGMA  Arton Berisha – Secretary General, Ministry of Public Administration  Besnik Tahiri – National Coordinator for State Reform, Office of the Prime Minister  Rexhep Vasolli - Director, Department for European Integration and Policy Co-ordination, Ministry of Finance  Valon Gashi - Director, Political Criteria, Ministry of European Integration 10.45 Civil service reforms – from design to implementation  Xavier Sisternas - SIGMA  Tefik Mahmuti – Director, Department of Civil Service Administration, Ministry of Public Administration  Refike Sulcevsi, Director, Kosovo Institute for Public Administration  Arberesha Loxha - Research Fellow, Group for Legal and Political Studies  Astrit Panxha - Executive Director, Kosovo Manufactoring Club
  2. 2. 2 11.30 Accountable state structures  Juhani Lemmik - SIGMA  Naser Shamolli – Director, Legal Department, Ministry of Public Administration  Driton Lajci – Senior Advisor to the Speaker of the Assembly  Visar Rushiti - Policy Analyst, Democracy Plus (D+) 12.15 – 13.15 Buffet lunch 13.15 Public financial management tools for a more effective public service  Klas Klaas - SIGMA  Rexhep Vasolli - Director, Department for European Integration and Policy Co-ordination, Ministry of Finance  Ilir Salihu – Deputy Auditor General, National Audit Office  Nora Latifi Jashari – Executive Director, GAP Institute 14.00 – 15.00 High-level panel and concluding remarks  Mahir Yagcilar - Minister of Public Administration  Dhurata Hoxha - Minister of European Integration  Fatmir Gashi - Deputy Minister of Finance  Nait Hasani - Chairperson, Committee for Public Administration, Local Government and Media, Assembly  David Cullen - Head of Unit, European Commission DG NEAR