Localization summit report in Japan


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Localization summit report in Japan

  1. 1. Localization Summit now! Kenji Ono kono3478@gmail.com Note:title has a little relationship with content
  2. 2. Let me introduce… Kenji Ono Videogame journalist SIG-Glocalization member Please search “SIG-GLOC” (sorry, only Japanese) Twitter : kono3478 The business card with presentment are good at GDC!
  3. 3. Well,
  4. 4. GDC10 washeld in SanFrancisco.
  5. 5. I tripped to Los Angels, because of my airtiketreservation mistake…
  6. 6. It was hard trip, butI had a good exeperience
  7. 7. There were great vintage SLOT MACHINEs!
  8. 8. There was a Airport museum in the passage in San Francisco domestic terminal,and we could see many vintage Slot Machines there!
  9. 9. I thought that I should change my speech theme fromLocalization summit to But…
  10. 10. I feel boredom…When will you start?I am sorry,this is my st
  11. 11. Localization summit 2010 It started in last year and this is 2nd time. Advisors: Tom Edwards(Englobe) & Miguel Á. Bernal- Merino(Roehampton University) The room became small(120 person) and there were some guys who couldn’t be attend. Publishers:1/4,Developers:1/4,Translator:1/2 We discussed about many topics and one of them was “Localization award”.
  12. 12. Overview of Summit(1) Localizing large RPGs (Bioware) Standardizing the Localization Process(SOE) On the fly Player Messaging (EA & Lingoona) New Distribution, New Marketing, new Localization (THQ)・・・Keynote Localizing for the Spanish Speaking Community (Pink Noise & Wordlab)
  13. 13. Overview of Summit(2) Make your games appealing to the Asian Market(SCEK, EAK) Advanced Localization Methods for Japanese Games (SCE, Capcom, Game Arts) A case study: Buzz Localization (SCE) Game Market Graphs
  14. 14. Localizing large RPGs Theme:Large RPS’s localization process in BioWare Mass Effect 300000 wards– vo 25,000 lines Mass Effect2 450000 wards – vo 30,000 lines Ready for Localization kit in parallel with original (English)version  Voice guide(for voice recording)  IP(check of trademark in each areas)  Q&A( efficiency improvement of translation work )  Character bible(overview of characters)
  15. 15. BioWare publisher translator
  16. 16. I guess that this toolwas customized fortranslation based onMass Effect’s characterconversation tools…
  17. 17. A case study: BUZZ! Localization BUZZ! Casual quiz game of SCEE Trivia quiz with a direction of TV quiz show With special controler, 4 playres 8 million copies for PS2,PS3 and PSP except Japan
  18. 18. 18 local areas and languages The number of quizzes:6000 quizzes International English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Russian, Czech, Croatian, Greek, Australian English, American English Each territories have own culture and common sense: There is no mean for literal translation. Global quiz and Local quiz = 50:50
  19. 19. Global and Local “Is the subject of the question known in all territories?” and ”Is the difficulty level of the question consistent in all territories?” 2 conditions apply→Global quiz The other quiz →adaption and Local quiz Respect of the opinion and judge from local vendors You should decide Directory Structure, Trackers and Naming Coventions before translation (6000 questions X 18 locales)
  20. 20. supplement:how to learn Englishfor Japanese developers I have met many western game developers and translators who came to be able to speak Japanese by playing Japanese games before. (not Asian countries, but north America and Europe) There are few Japanese game developers who came to be able to speak English by playing Western games. Why?
  21. 21. I retraced the western games I had played in college days… 1: Populous
  22. 22. 2:Sim City
  23. 23. 3:Flight SimThere were no story games 
  24. 24. Reason:there were no western story games I hadwanted to play strongly at that time…But, the situation changed! In very dramatically now・・・
  25. 25. DVD:different region code
  26. 26. Blu-ray Disk:same between Japan and USAnd there is no region limit in PS3 format disk.
  27. 27. If you change the language option from Japanese toEnglish in Uncharted 2(Japanese version),
  28. 28. You can play English version!
  29. 29. Let’s play westernAAA story games inEnglish I will recommend you to play “International” version.(ex: Star Ocean 4)
  30. 30. See you again at GDC 2011 kono3478@gmail.com