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Promoting forest values to combat deforestation and to restore degraded landscapes.


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Anders Malmer, International Coordinator Swedish Forest Agency and Professor in Tropical Forestry SLU

Published in: Environment
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Promoting forest values to combat deforestation and to restore degraded landscapes.

  1. 1. Promoting forest values to combat deforestation and to restore degreaded landscapes Stepping up Swedish action on tropical deforeststation – Dialogue on international day of forests Anders Malmer, International co-ordinator PGU, SFA Professor, Tropical Forest Ecology and Management (SLU) 121 March 2019
  2. 2. 2 Today the land has a higher economic value without the trees. Alternative is conservation in another value scale.
  3. 3. Focus on how social, economic and ecological values can balance for the Agenda 2030? • What is missing in-between industrial agriculture and strict biodiversity conservation? • Growing bioeconomy demands fibre supply - other than soya, maize, cotton and meat? • Livelihoods for miljons of rural people needs outcome from land use. • Can value from forest be created, to maintain forst cover for multiple purposes? 3
  4. 4. • SFA knows about governance for conservation. • But our role is to balance all values of forests, to sustain a socially, economically and ecologically use of forests. 4 SFA’s role
  5. 5. Current development of activities at SFA Background Under the shadow of climate change, combating poverty and need for socially, economically and ecologically sustainable land-uses. • Generally increasing international interest for Swedish forest sector: governance, mixed tenure, biodiversity management in managed forests, energy, new materials, etc • Coinsides with the new Swedish National Forest Progam: Swedish experience and knowledge in forest sector development should be a profile issue in Swedish foreign relations (broadly from development cooperation to promoting Swedish export) • And the Swedish policy for global development trough Agenda 2030: ”Sweden as a forest nation, with substantial competence and experience, should continue to actively work towards sustainable forest management and conservation of biological diversity.” 5
  6. 6. Current development of activities at SFA On-going activities • Continous dialogues for the governement, with EU, international conventions and United Nations Forum on Forests and FAO • Supporting Albania to develop National forest inventory (with SLU) • High level forest sector dialogue with Etiopia (with SLU and many others) • New dialogue/cooperation with Secretariat for Infrastructure and Environment in São Paulo, Brazil. (with SLU, and SIWI?) 6
  7. 7. Current development of activities at SFA Activities under development • Designing an International Training Program (ITP) for Sida: ”Locally controlled forest restoration – A governance and market oriented approach for resilient landscapes.” (With SIWI and Eco-Innovation Foundation) 2020 – 2024? • Support program for Ethiopias new ”Strategic forest sector development plan”: Twinning with Presidential Commission and state- and regional governement offices, Training of trainers, pilot projects for local value creation etc. (SLU with SFA and Eco-Innovation Foundation) • Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation / Foreign Ministry preparing a MOU with Indian Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change: to promote consultation, advisory and R&D programmes for mutual benefit. (SFA and SLU) 7
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