Mobile Networks as an enabler for scalable development


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Presented as part of the seminar: Can mobile phones improve agricultural productivity, resilience and food security?
For developing regions keen to seize the opportunities of the Networked Society, ICT facilitates education, financial services, health, safety and security, and livelihoods, in support of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). With more than six billion mobile subscriptions, innovative approaches are still needed to address the needs of the “last” billion users at the base of the pyramid. Ericsson takes a holistic approach by combining technology, global presence and experience in public-private partnerships. By combining competency in developing new business models, with novel approaches we can replicate and scale successful initiatives for the greatest possible impact on the Millennium Development Goals.

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    User-friendly Education: Ericsson, together with interaction designers, is developing a specific education PC-client for the cloud solutions that will resemble the class room and school environment.
    Direct communication channel to all students: When the students start up the PC, there is a ”widget” that is called ”Story of the day”, where the content can be controlled from global level.
    Usage reports: A possibility for the ministery of Education to know which equipment is used, how students use it. Real-time tool that can be accessed any time + reports.
    Instant updates: Any time any new educational applications or content is added, it immediately becomes available to all students.
    Virus Free Environment: Say No to Antivirus software as PCaaS includes 100% guaranteed Virus Protection.
    Maintenance Free: Get the latest upgrades and updates without any manual operation. No specific IT knowledge is needed. Global white-list / black-list: Internet white lists or black lists managed from one single location.
    Connecting Brazil: Inbuilt communication tools for exchanges between schools in Brazil and in the world. Connecting schools program can be supported with for outside of Brazil under the CTL initiative
    Personal Cloud Storage: Each student has their own private storage in the cloud, so that they can access their files independently of which PC they would use.
  • Key messages:
    Mobile subscriptions above 6.15 Bn mark
    Global penetration has passed 87%
    Slide Owner: EAB/FXB Richard Möller
    Latest update: April 2012
    Best before: July 2012
    Recommended target group: operator/SP, analyst, media, enterprise/organization, user, partner,
    Source: Informa Media & Telecom, Wireless Intelligence & Ericsson
    Important disclaimer:
    Ericsson estimate of Net Added subscriptions has been made based on historic Informa data, macroeconomic factors & MU data.
  • > NETWORKSSegment Networks develops and delivers mobile and fixed infrastructure equipment and related software. We pioneered 2G/GSM and 3G/WCDMA mobile technologies. We now provide 4G/LTE as the evolution of mobile broadband and toward all-IP environments. Our portfolio also includes CDMA solutions as well as xDSL, fiber and microwave transmission.
    With more than 45,000 services professionals globally, we have robust local capabilities with global expertise in managed services, consulting, systems integration, customer support and network rollout. We manage complex projects with advanced IS/IT competence and multi-vendor experience.
    Segment Multimedia develops and delivers software-based solutions for real-time & on-demand TV, consumer & business applications and Business Support Systems (BSS) for telecom operators. Revenue management, i.e. software based solutions for charging and billing, is part of BSS.
    Ericsson is now focused exclusively on serving network operators and service providers while device manufacturers and consumers are addressed via one joint venture company, i.e. ST-Ericsson
    Founded: 1876 in Stockholm, Sweden
    President and CEO: Hans Vestberg
    Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
    Employees: ~105 000
    Net Sales: SEK 226.9 billion 2011
    Shares: A and B shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, B shares are listed on NASDAQ, New York, in the form of ADSs*
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    Key messages:
    Based on Ericsson estimates, Q4 showed continued high QoQ mobile subscription growth, Q1 2011 is estimated to continue this trend. India again grew at a very strong pace. Worldwide mobile subscriptions are now approximately 5.3 billion, of which 4.7 billion are GSM/EDGE/WCDMA/HSPA and world total penetration has reached 76%. Mobile subscriptions increased 3,5% in Q410 compared to Q310 with an estimated net addition of 177 million. The YoY growth rate in the GSM/EDGE family (without WCDMS/HSPA) is approximately 12% in Q4. This is slightly lower than the world average growth of 15%. We estimate that 45 million WCDMA subscriptions were added, reaching 634 million.
    However, the number of subscribers is likely around 3.8 billion and the number of active subscriptions likely around 4.6 billion
    Fixed broadband subscriptions exceed 504 million subscriptions Q3 2010. VoIP includes Cable/Copper/Fiber VoIP. Fixed broadband subscriptions are growing to reach around 640 millions in the outer forecasting years.
    The number of fixed broadband users is at least 3 times the number of fixed broadband connections due to multiple usage in households, enterprises, and also in public access spots. (~3.8 people per household is world average, but the ratio is lower in developed countries where most users are today).
    Mobile Broadband: CDMA2000 EV-DO, HSPA, LTE, Mobile WiMAX, TDSCDMA. Both mobile PC, Tablets and handheld devices.
    Mobile Broadband and Mobile PC/Tablets are subsets of total mobile subscriptions
    Fixed Broadband: Cable, xDSL, Fiber,
    PC-to-PC VoIP, e.g. Skype, is not included in VoIP numbers
    M2M connections not included.
    Slide owner: Susanna Bävertoft, GF Strategy
    Content owners: Svante Bergqvist, Richard Möller
    Latest update: Jan 2011
    Best before: April 2011
    Recommended target group: operator/SP, analyst, media, enterprise/organization, user, partner
    Source: Internal Ericsson and various sources
  • Companies vervangen door afnemers
  • NGO = Non-governmental organizations
    Examples: Hivos, FSC, MSC, Oxfam Novib, LPPS, IFOAM, Phytotrade
    These organizations support small scale farmers in developing countries to run a sustainable and environmental friendly business by supporting them with
    Certification standards / guidelines for crop
    Guidance on usage of agricultural production methods
    Prevention of over / under production on agricultural products via subsidizing
    Stimulation of biodiversity and organic agriculture
  • Mobile Networks as an enabler for scalable development

    1. 1. MOBILE TECHNOLOGY & scalable development Karin Svingby, Director CR Projects & Partnerships
    2. 2. Commercial in confidence | © Ericsson AB 2012 Price, Location, Quality, Choice, Rating, etc Access to information Farmers Teachers Doctors Schools Students Weather forecasters Buyers Patients Selllers Fishermen Insurance companies Transport
    3. 3. Commercial in confidence | © Ericsson AB 2012 Subscriptions & penetration by region - End Q1, 2012E Ericsson estimate Reported mobile subscriptions Source: Estimates based on Informa Telecoms & Media *estimate excludes m2m connections (previously included) WLL is included in figures from Q1 2012 Western Europe 540 M 131% Middle East 260 M 101% India ~900 M 73% Central & Eastern Europe 600 M 125% North America 334 M 93%* Latin America 651 M 109% Africa 679 M 63% GLOBAL 6.15 B 87% Rest of APAC 1.16 B 91% China 1.02 B 75%
    4. 4. Commercial in confidence | © Ericsson AB 2012 This is Ericsson › We provide: > Communication networks > Services to network operators > Enablers to multimedia service providers › Customers in more than 180 countries › 40% of the world’s mobile calls pass through our networks › 135 years in the telecoms market
    5. 5. Commercial in confidence | © Ericsson AB 2012 Energy, Environment & Climate Change Communication for All OUR CORE TECHNOLOGY IS OUR CONTRIBUTION Our Key focus areas › Socio-economic Benefits/GDP › Bridging the Digital Divide › Enabling Access to Healthcare, Education and Livelihood › Energy Efficiency: Networks & Solutions › Alternative Energy, Green Sites › Telecoms to Offset Societal CO2 › Code of Conduct › Product Take Back › Manage Risk
    6. 6. Commercial in confidence | © Ericsson AB 2012 COMMUNICATION FOR ALL Ericsson has committed to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals by promoting affordable access to telecom, which can help to fight poverty, support human rights and promote environmental sustainability. › Partnership with customers and content experts on social or economical challenges ie UNHCR, WMO, WHO, IFRC, Earth Institute etc › Sustainable business models for partners to ensure scale and replication of proof of concept pilots › Impact assessment through studies and monitoring & evaluation as part of partnership projects in cooperation with Research bodies, Universities, Customers
    7. 7. Commercial in confidence | © Ericsson AB 2012 Sustainable business Model
    8. 8. Commercial in confidence | © Ericsson AB 2012 ERICSSON MOBILE AUCTION  SMS based automated auction and info distribution system  Operator as mediator between farmers and companies  Commodity trading tool, Agriculture as initial target segment
    9. 9. Commercial in confidence | © Ericsson AB 2012 REVENUE & PARTNERSHIP MODEL BuyersFarmer PLMN PLMN Ericsson Mobile Auction Monthly fee (for registration + market info) Monthly fee (for registration + market info) Event fee (premium rated SMS on auction initiaton) Event fees (premium rated SMS on 1st bid + deal closure) License fee (for regular distribution of paid market info) Market info agencies Promoters • Agricultural organizations • Promotion of service towards target segment • Contacts in trade segment Partnership
    10. 10. Commercial in confidence | © Ericsson AB 2012 More than 5000 people die every year on Lake Victoria The mobile network around Lake Victoria was reinforced 2009 and now cover 80% of the area of small scale fisheries Mobile Weather Alert give subscribing fishermen a SMS weather alert before embarking out on sea Accurate and relevant information reaches new users to help make informed decisions Mobile weather Alert
    11. 11. Commercial in confidence | © Ericsson AB 2012 0 1 000 2 000 3 000 4 000 5 000 6 000 7 000 8 000 9 000 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 ReportedSubscriptions(million) South America North America Asia Pacific Central Europe, Middle East, Africa Western Europe Mobile penetration and economic growth Every 10% increase in broadband penetration is shown on average to deliver a GDP growth of 1%. In developing and emerging markets, broadband penetration has a significant effect on economic growth, with 80 jobs created for every 1000 broadband connections.