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Empowering Youth for Transformational Leadership in Sustainable Agricultural Systems


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Jim Cano from YPARD Philippines presents a 5-fold strategy for empowering youth and improving education to move towards agricultural development.
HESA-SIANI August 2017 Philippines Workshop

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Empowering Youth for Transformational Leadership in Sustainable Agricultural Systems

  1. 1. Empowering Youth for Transformational Leadership in Sustainable Agricultural Systems Jim Leandro P. Cano Country Representative, YPARD Philippines Teaching Associate, Agricultural Systems Institute, College of Agriculture and Food Science, University of the Philippines Los Banos
  2. 2. Sustainable Agricultural Systems • Meeting today’s needs with present resources • Without sacrificing future generations’ access to resources for their own development
  3. 3. Sustainable Agricultural Systems • Empowered youth to understand interactions in agricultural systems (instruction, research, extension, production, business, policy) • And addressing forecasted problems by taking an active role in influencing key decisions of agricultural development
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  6. 6. Youth in Numbers: HAE 3,811,726Total Enrollment – Baccalaureate level 119,498Total Enrollment in Agri-Fisheries Programs Source: (CHED Data for AY 2014-2015)
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  8. 8. Agricultural Development Academe Research & Development Extension and Communication Policy/Government 5-fold Strategy Agribusiness
  9. 9. • Strengthen graduate scholarship with teaching load programs; mentoring • Instruction must be relevant and quick to innovate (e.g. OBE, HESA, Innovative Agriculture Systems) • Establish publicly funded Family Farm Schools (e.g. Dagatan FFS, Lipa, Batangas) Academe / Education
  10. 10. • Small grants for fresh graduates or individuals with national certificates • Weightier incentives for research with clear societal benefit and sustainable development • Strengthen research in agricultural labor supply-demand across ASEAN Research & Development
  11. 11. • Strengthen use of ICT tools for extension and communication (e.g. smartphone and drone uses, and retooling of extensionists) • Maximize social media and internet platforms for extension programs • Empower youth to be extensionists by giving them access to training and resource materials (e.g. Infomediary campaign of PhilRice) Extension and Communication
  12. 12. 🌏📖Policy/Government • Strengthen promotion of scholarships for agriculture (e.g. ACEF) • Allow youth-in-agriculture organizations to significantly participate in crafting agri development policies • Create youth-in-agri development roadmap (perhaps with DepEd, CHED, DA, DOST, DTI, DOLE, NYC)
  13. 13. Agribusiness • Establish regional youth agribusiness hubs for technology/business incubation (RFOs linking with SUCs, with competitive small grants) • Sustainable Agri Market Industry Platform (e.g. real-time price watch, crop and animal traceability system) • Increase promotion of Urban Agriculture and Vertical Farming in urban centers
  14. 14. Way Forward (Collaborative Project Ideas) 1. Long-term coordinated study (across ASEAN) for human resource forecasting of agricultural labor supply-demand 2. Identify and minimize gaps in academe-industry linkages for agriculture sector (e.g. summit and workshops, platform development, curriculum development/revisions)