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Key concepts chapters 13 and 14


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Quick StuCh 13 and 14

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Key concepts chapters 13 and 14

  1. 1. Key Concepts Chapters 13 and 141. QSG: Direct and indirect causes of deforestation2. QSG: Methods of harvesting trees. Include brief summary statement of each.3. QSG: Causes of Extinction: pg. 283 (brief statement about each) and 284: (human causes)4. QSG: Pg 266 Draw both logistic growth diagrams and understand how to interpret them Include (next to diagrams) following assumptions about logistic growth curve: . a. small populations with lots of resources grow expontentially b. competition slows pop. growth c. more individuals = more competition = slower growth d. eventually pop. reaches carrying capacity (b = d so constant size) e. all individuals assumed equal f. environment assumed constant (not changing)5. QSG: MSY vs OSP (pg 266-267) What are they and how are they different?6. QSG: IWC: What is it and what is its’ goal? (pg 273 – 274)7. QSG: What are characteristics of extinction-prone species?8. QSG: Case Studies: #1: What is happening to many of our fisheries and why #2: Fire Mgt. today and problem with crown fires #3: Paper production (problems, alternatives….)9. Not needed on QSG, but know: What is silviculture % of land globally that is still forested Wilderness vs. Parks vs Preserves (how are they different)