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Application of data mining


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Published in: Education
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Application of data mining

  1. 1. Presenting by: Shivani Soni Course: B-Tech(CSE 7th) Roll no.: 13/NR/UT/CS005 Presenting to: Mr. Vishal Patyal
  2. 2. O Data Mining OWhy Data Mining ? O Where we use data mining ? O Applications of Data Mining…….
  3. 3. • Data Mining is an interdisciplinary subfield of Computer Science. • Data Mining is the Computational Process of discovering Pattern in Large Data Sets involving Method at the intersection of artificial intelligence , machine learning statistics and Database Systems. • The Overall goal of the Data Mining process is to extract information from a data set and transform it into an understandable structure for further use.
  4. 4. Data Mining is a process that analyse a large amount of data to find new and hidden information that improves business . Example:-
  5. 5. Using Traditional Way (Cost ,Complexity, Time)
  6. 6. 1. Data Mining Applications in Sales/Marketing 2. Data Mining Applications in Banking / Finance 3. Data Mining Applications in Health Care and Insurance 4. Data Mining Applications in Transportation 5. Data Mining Application in Medicine 6. Data Mining Applications in Education 7. Data Mining Applications in Manufacturing Engineering 8. Research analysis
  7. 7. Data mining enables businesses to understand the hidden patterns inside historical purchasing transaction data. Data mining is used for Market Basket Analysis to provide information on what product combinations were purchased together when they were bought and in what sequence. This information helps businesses promote their most profitable products and maximize the profit. In addition, it encourages customers to purchase related products that they may have been missed or overlooked.
  8. 8. O Retail companies use data mining to identify customer’s behaviour buying patterns.
  9. 9. OFraud Detection OCredit card spending by customer groups can be identified by using data mining. OThe hidden correlation’s between different financial indicators can be discovered by using data mining. OFrom historical market data, data mining enables to identify stock trading rules. O Data mining is used to identify customers loyalty by analysing the data of customer’s purchasing activities .
  10. 10. OData mining helps determine the distribution schedules among warehouses and outlets and analyses loading patterns.
  11. 11. Data mining is applied in insurance industry lately but brought tremendous competitive advantages to the companies who have implemented it successfully. The data mining applications in insurance industry are listed below: O Data mining is applied in claims analysis such as identifying which medical procedures are claimed together. O Data mining enables to forecasts which customers will potentially purchase new policies. O Data mining allows insurance companies to detect risky customers’ behaviour patterns. O Data mining helps detect fraudulent behaviour.
  12. 12. O Data mining enables to characterize patient activities to see incoming office visits. O Data mining helps identify the patterns of successful medical therapies for different illnesses. Example:- Smart Health Prediction in Data Mining
  13. 13. O There is a new emerging field, called Educational Data Mining, concerns with developing methods that discover knowledge from data originating from educational Environments. The goals of EDM are identified as predicting students’ future learning behaviour, studying the effects of educational support, and advancing scientific knowledge about learning. Data mining can be used by an institution to take accurate decisions and also to predict the results of the student. With the results the institution can focus on what to teach and how to teach. Learning pattern of the students can be captured and used to develop techniques to teach them.
  14. 14. O Knowledge is the best asset a manufacturing enterprise would possess. Data mining tools can be very useful to discover patterns in complex manufacturing process. Data mining can be used in system-level designing to extract the relationships between product architecture, product portfolio, and customer needs data. It can also be used to predict the product development span time, cost, and dependencies among other tasks.
  15. 15. History shows that we have witnessed revolutionary changes in research. Data mining is helpful in data cleaning, data pre-processing and integration of databases. The researchers can find any similar data from the database that might bring any change in the research. Identification of any co-occurring sequences and the correlation between any activities can be known. Data visualisation and visual data mining provide us with a clear view of the data.