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Overview of SHI's programs with farming families in Central America.

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  • Click twice -- once for name and once for logo. Founded in April 1997 based on the experiences of Florence Reed during her Peace Corps service in Panama. While serving as a Peace Corps volunteer and working with other non-profit organizations, Florence again and again heard poor farmers explaining that they did not want to clear more of the forest, but it was the only way they know how to feed their families. Rural families in Central America were desperate to learn alternatives to slash and burn farming, so SHI was started to provide them with those alternatives.
  • Shi Presentation1.20.08

    1. 1. Sustainable Harvest International
    2. 2. MI SS I ON Sustainable Harvest International (SHI) provides farming families in Central America with the training and tools to overcome poverty while restoring our planet's tropical forests.  
    3. 7. Slash-and-Burn
    4. 10. Family Diet
    5. 11. Alley-Cropping
    6. 17. Organic gardens improve a family’s diet and income.
    7. 18. Chicken coops keep chickens and eggs safe from predators.
    8. 19. Biogas digesters turn organic material to methane gas Methane gas from the biogas digester is used for cooking instead of firewood
    9. 21. Biodiversity
    10. 22. Multi-story Crops
    11. 24. Marketing
    12. 25. Wood-conserving Stoves
    13. 27. Healthy Soils and Agro-Ecosystems
    14. 32. We have to work together as a community and as a family to support ourselves. We work very hard and want a better future for our children. With much affection for all our North American brothers and sisters, we love you very much and are grateful for your support of SHI so they can teach us. I am an organic agriculture practitioner always struggling to protect nature. Thank you for your support. Your friend, Jose Elias Perez
    15. 34. Value Added Products
    16. 35. School Groups
    17. 38. Passing on the knowledge…
    18. 39. SHI’s Accomplishments to Date: <ul><li>Technical assistance provided to more than 1,360 families in 101 communities </li></ul><ul><li>32 community loan funds for sustainable agriculture with 175 families </li></ul><ul><li>More than 2 million trees planted </li></ul><ul><li>Thousands of acres of degraded land converted to sustainable uses </li></ul><ul><li>Tens of thousands of acres of tropical forest saved from slash and burn farming </li></ul>
    19. 40. You can help us reach the thousands of families that are still waiting for SHI’s help.
    20. 41. $15,000 supports the work of one extensionist for an entire year.   $3,000 sponsors an entire village program for a whole year. $300 provides a family with technical support and materials for one year. $100 starts a school program. $50 buys the materials for a wood-conserving stove. $25 plants 100 trees  
    21. 42. Smaller World Service Trips
    22. 43. Sustainable Harvest International Planting Hope Restoring Forests Nourishing Communities