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going to

Published in: Education
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Going to-blog-1210452007708726-8

  1. 1. Grammar …… going to …going to … Future plansFuture plans
  2. 2. Grammar Form Examples Use
  3. 3. Grammar 1) planned actions in the future 2) you are certain that something is going to happen in the future. Use
  4. 4. Grammar Form Verb to be (am, are, is) I am going to play handball. + the infinitive of the verb + going to
  5. 5. Grammar I'm going to visit a friend this afternoon.
  6. 6. Grammar Are you going to watch tomorrow ?
  7. 7. Grammar We are not going to play tennis on Sunday.
  8. 8. Grammar He is going to cook the dinner.
  9. 9. Grammar They're going to go to the next week.
  10. 10. Grammar She is going to swim in the river.
  11. 11. Grammar I’m going to ride horses.
  12. 12. Grammar ActivityActivity 11 Activity 2Activity 2