Overall business plan of litti's cafe


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Overall business plan of litti's cafe

  2. 2. BUSINESS PLAN• Business plan is a set of formal statement in which we describe about the vision, mission, objectives and internal as well as external analysis(SWOT) of a business.
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES OF BUSINESS• To earn profit by the way of trust, taste & attraction of customer by means of simple hygienic food.• It means the main motive of our business is to deliver value of the product among the customer in reasonable price.• Apart from this we use product positioning technique in order to get image in mind of customer.
  4. 4. VISSIONS MISSIONSExpansion of business in jalandhar and other Provide hygenic food to the customer.local placesDiversification of product in terms of no. of Earning daily profitvariants according to demand of customer.Long term trust and satisfaction among Provide product to the customer at reasonablecustomer. prices.
  5. 5. STRENGTH WEAKNESS•Moderate investment and huge •New to the market.profit. •Less availability of variety.•Healthy environment.•New product. OPPORTUNITY THREATS•Monopoly market in outside •Increase in operating cost.LPU campus. •New competitor will come.•No competitor. •Rent may increase.•Large no of target customer.
  6. 6. MARKETING PLAN• The Marketing Plan section explains how were going to get the customers to buy the products and/or services by using various marketing techniques.
  7. 7. STP + 4P’s of marketingSegmentation-• Attributes :- for every age group peoples• Income :- All classes• Demographics :- North Indian peopleTarget group is-• Student of LPU• Staff of LPU• Labor who are working at sites of LPU• Highway Travelers• Student residing in PG and flats.Positioning-• We want to build an impression of our products in mind of customer through BETTER QUALITY AND BETTER SERVICES.
  8. 8. PRODUCT:- PRICE• Roasted Litti Rs 15/2 piece• Fried Litti Rs 20/2 piece• Litti with desi Ghee Rs 25/2 piece• Special Litti Thali Rs 40/platePLACE:-Located outside LPU.PROMOTION:-• Through face to face interaction• Social networking sites• Banners and posters• Free sample distribution
  9. 9. UNIQUE SELLING POINT• Hand made product.• Special litti thali.• Other products like cold-drinks• Hand made tea and coffee.
  10. 10. HR PLANThe process that links the human resourceneeds of an organisation to its strategic planto ensure that staffing is sufficient , qualifiedand competent enough to achieve theorganization’s objectives.
  11. 11. TEAM MEMBERSSL NO NAME MANAGEMENT AREA 1 Shashi Shekhar Finance Manager 2 Anish Kumar Human Resource Manager 3 Pratik Praveen Operation Manager 4 Jatin Arora Customer Relationship Manager 5 Shekhar Deshwal Maintenance Manager 6 Sajad Ahmad Delivery Manager
  12. 12. ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF MANAGER FROM DIFFERENT FIELD• Finance manager:- The finance manager is the person who manages all the finances activities of the business.• The roles and responsibilities of the finance manager are as follows:-• Manages inflow and outflows of the cash.• Prepare the revenue and expenditure budget monthly.• Prepare list of items with their current market price on weekly basis.• Prepare breakeven analysis chart.
  13. 13. Contd...• HR manager:- The HR manager is a person who looks the man force as well as labor force in the business.• The roles and responsibilities of the HR manager are as follows:-• HR manager handle the staff (cook and the cleaners) and motivate them to give their best performance.• Operation manager:- The operation manager is a person who takes care of various operations of raw materials on time.• The roles and responsibilities of the operation manager are as follows:-• Operational Manager can handle the product on two aspects – Qualitative and quantitative.• It also takes care of availability of raw material of the product on time.
  14. 14. Contd...• Customer relationship manager:- The Customer relationship manager is a person who handle the customer by providing suitable hospitality service.• The roles and responsibilities of the customer relationship manager are as follows:-• Handle the customer with providing upgrade hospitality services.• Provide the product on time and on demand to the customer.• Delivery and Maintenance Manager-• They will take care of availability, supply and maintenance of storage or raw material.
  15. 15. OPERATION PLAN• An operational plan is an annual work plan. It describes short-term business strategies; it explains how a strategic plan will be put into operation (or what portion of a strategic plan will be addressed) during a given operational period.
  16. 16. PURACHASING ELEMENTS• gas• cylinder• Chulha• Utensils• RAW MATERIAL• Wheat flour• Other ingredient• DESI GHEE• METHI• MUSTARD OIL• GINGER POWDER• GARLIC• ZEERA• CURD• VEGETABLES• Salt
  18. 18. Process of making “LITTI”
  19. 19. FINANCIAL PLAN• Financial planning is the task of determining how a business will afford to achieve its strategic goals and objectives.• The main objective of financial planning is to determine expenditure and revenue of the business and also efficient uses of energy.
  20. 20. Investment Contribution• Total investment- Rs 1,20,000• Contribution per head- Rs 20,000*6• Total start-up cost:-• a ) Construction - Rs 50,000• b ) Equipment - Rs 4,000• C ) Food ingredients – Rs 1100• Capital reserve- Rs 64,900
  21. 21. STARTUP BUDGET START -UP Revenue & ExpensesExpenditure Revenue AMOUNT AMOUNT2 Selling of productRENT(FC) 7500 31350EQUIPMENT(FC) 4000WAGES(FC) 8500LIGHTNING 1000INGRIDENTS 8225.4TRANSPORTATION COST 1500GAS 2800CATERING 4000CONSTRUCTION(FC) 50000Other Misc. 1000Total 32100
  22. 22. MONTHLY BUDGET FOR AN YEAR-Months REVENUE EXPENDITURE Rev/Exp JAN 31350 32100 0.98 FEB 33900 33900 1.00 MAR 40700 36700 1.11 APR 44000 37500 1.17 MAY 50000 40000 1.25 JUN 32000 30,000 1.07 JUL 36100 32100 1.12 AUG 80000 52900 1.51 SEPT 95000 56700 1.68 OCT 110000 62000 1.77 NOV 130000 68000 1.91 DEC 155000 76000 2.04