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Shar q in-a_nutshell

Shar-Q project presentation

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Shar q in-a_nutshell

  1. 1. SHAR-Q in a nutshell Juan Rico/ Evangelos Karfopoulos This Project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation Programme under grant agreement No 731285
  2. 2. SHAR-Q The SHAR-Q project aims to establish an interoperability network that connects the capacities of the neighbourhooding and wide regional RES+EES ecosystems into a collaboration framework, that mitigates the requirement on the overall EES capacities thanks to the shared capacities among the participating actors All rights reserved. SHARQ consortium 2
  3. 3. Initial Results ➢Presentation of SHAR-Q approach to Energy stakeholders ➢Initial description of actors, system/user requirements as well as architecture ➢Introduction of business cases All rights reserved. SHARQ consortium 3
  4. 4. Challenges Demonstrate and assess SHAR-Q collaboration framework and value- added services with stakeholders at pilot locations. Engage Stakeholders in the definition of the SHAR-Q interoperability framework also analysing business drivers and barriers Define coherent set of processes and technologies for deployment and operation of collaborative and distributed RES+EES ecosystems Exploit the opportunities of P2P communications in DER environment All rights reserved. SHARQ consortium 4
  5. 5. Barriers All rights reserved. SHARQ consortium 5 ➢Regulatory frameworks for collaborative environment ➢Dependencies with traditional utilities ➢Mid-term long term plans of energy stakeholders ➢Standardization due to technological heterogeneity
  6. 6. Resultant Ecosystem All rights reserved. SHARQ consortium 6 The SHAR-Q project enables a distributed ecosystem that boosts the collaboration among EES and RES providing interoperability and transforming relationship among energy stakeholders
  7. 7. SHAR-Q Pilots All rights reserved. SHARQ consortium 7 Alcoutim – Portugal SOLAR LAB Multiple Energy Ecosystem interfaces and testing of energy resource allocation mechanism for the optimal sharing of RES-EES capacities and virtual neighbourhood of DER Rafina- Greece Meltemi Increasing the RES/EV hosting capacity of the network by enabling the efficient exploitation of the local demand flexibility and storage services Güssing - Austria ecoEnergyland 18 Municipalities targeting self-supply of energy (heat, electricity and fuels) from RES.
  8. 8. Thanks on behalf of SHAR-Q Consortium All rights reserved. SHARQ consortium 8 @sharqproject Project Coordinator – – Juan Rico (Atos) Technical Coordinator - – Evangelos Karfopoulos (ICCS/NTUA)