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Session4.2 montan aqua_emmanuel reynard


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Session4.2 montan aqua_emmanuel reynard

  1. 1. Gestion durable de l’eau Programme nationale de recherche PNR61 Emmanuel REYNARD Institute of Geography, University of Lausanne Integrated water management at the regional scale in a context of climate uncertainty. The project MontanAquaProjektteam:WP1: Karl Herweg, Martin Hölzle, Matthias Huss, Martina Kauzlaric, Hanspeter Liniger, Emmanuel Rey, Bruno Schädler (Uni Bern, Uni Fribourg)WP2: Mariano Bonrisposi, Emmanuel Reynard (Uni Lausanne)WP3: Olivier Graefe, Christine Homewood (Uni Fribourg)SP: Stephan Rist, Flurina Schneider (Uni Bern)
  2. 2. The Alps = Water tower of Europe Viviroli & Weingartner (2004), in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences
  3. 3. Dry areas in the AlpsMean summer precipitations © Swiss Hydrological Atlas
  4. 4. The project MontanAqua (2010-2013) Synthesis package WP 2 WP 1 WP 3 climate (change) socio- water availability different water resources economic and in space and time users political system
  5. 5. The project MontanAqua (2010-2013)
  6. 6. The study area South-facing slopes in the Valais 500 m to 3000 m asl.11 municipalities, 36‘500 inhabitants760‘000 tourist nights per year
  7. 7. Pictures: E. Rey, 2011
  8. 8. Tseuzier dam and artificial lakePicture: E. Reynard, 2010 Capacity: 51 million cubic meters
  9. 9. High demographic dynamic Bonriposi 2011
  10. 10. Conceptualisation of the water systemCatchments (headwaters) Water availability today, 2050 Water consumption Icogne Montana Randogne Mollens today, 2050 Water management Lens Chermignon today, 2050 Venthône MiègeClusters of communes St- Veyras Sierre Léonard
  11. 11. Conceptualisation of the water system Schneider, 2012
  12. 12. Preliminary results: the Plaine Morte glacier Plaine Morte glacier (2800 m asl.) Montana (1500 m asl.) Sierre (500 m asl.)© Schweizer FlugwaffeRole of the glacier in a region approaching water stress? “Additional ” water to the region? Runoff (mio m3/yr) VS BE Runoff from Plaine-Morte region Huess, 2012
  13. 13. Preliminary results: karstic system EO - Eosin UR -Uranin Simme - LenkTzeusier lake - Loquesse Contribution: some mio. m3/yr, cf. water consumption approx. 10 mio. m3/yr UNIBE
  14. 14. Preliminary results: hydrology1. Annual precipitation is 3 to 4 times higher than at Montana station2. Significant contribution of glacial melt-water (until  2060)3. Tseuzier storage lake: key element for the management of the (abundant) water Water tower of the MontanAqua region! Contribution: some mio. m3/yr (cf. water consumption 10 mio m3/yr) UNIBE
  15. 15. Preliminary results: water uses 2010 Agricultural water need [m3]P [cm]Temp[°C] Water need for irrigation Artificial snow1 mio m3use [m3] Water Drinking water P [mm] from March to October  Drinking water is partly used for irrigation  Irrigation: no data available  Water need was modelled (however, calculated volume is smaller than the effective water volume transported in the bisses)  No common view at the regional scale and difficulty to obtain some data Bonriposi, 2012
  16. 16. Preliminary results: hydropower productionWi Su In the future: A Filling of Tseuzier lake (Potential) competition between Potential for a multi A purpose storage different users particularly in time of shortage B B Hydro power production has priority. Other water users have to pay the market price for electricity when using water from the lake Bonriposi, 2012
  17. 17. Preliminary results: socio-political system- Hypothesis 1 ( past, today): The institutional and political fragmentation has not been a problem because of the almost unlimited availability of water (TRUE)- Hypothesis 2 ( future): The system is changing from supply- oriented management to demand management and from a fragmented system to an integrated management system (partly TRUE)- The Tseuzier lake, the useful storage capacity of which exceeds the present day water use by 5 times, offers as multi purpose storage an interesting opportunity for the water management in the future. Homewood, 2012
  18. 18. Scenarios for the future (2050)catchments Water availability today, 2050 Emission scenario A1B - different realisations Water consumption Icogne Montana Randogne Mollens today, 2050 Water management Lens Chermignon today, 2050 Venthône Miège 3 Visions (scenarios) - expansion Veyras Sierre - optimisation - Moderate development by Group RegiEau
  19. 19. Outlook Tseuzier storage lake is situated in the middle of the water tower; concession until 2037Key element to satisfy all needs:• From single to multi purpose storage • How? • Process of negotiation between different stakeholders: water users, communes, power company • Management / priorities in times of shortages Interesting case study for a quite frequent situation in the future (cf. also new lakes)