Hospital solutions


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Hospital solutions

  1. 1. Solutions for youHospital Solutions1. Project Management Planning and Designing of Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities Conducting Hospital Feasibility Study Developing Detailed Project Report Hospital Project Management Equipment Planning and Procurement Licensing and Commissioning the New Hospital Projects2. Hospital Operations Systems Study and Design for Optimum Utilization of Services Designing of Standard Operating Procedures Supply Chain Management Managed Hospitals Operations Contract Costing and Tariff Rationalization3. Hospitals and Healthcare Services Establishing CRM Establishing Customer Satisfaction Feedback Systems4. Quality of Healthcare Implementing Hospital Accreditation, NABH/JCI etc. Implementing ISO Certification5. Human Resource Management Human Resource Planning, HR Recruitment Training of Staff for Hospital Operations, Quality, Six Sigma, Balance6. Health and Hospital Information System Designing Hospital Information System (ERP Solutions) Implementing Hospital Information System Developing Monitoring Indicators7. Hospital Operations and Medical Research Implementing Hospital Research Projects Designing Medical Research Such as Linkages Between the Life Style Modifiable Diseases and Patient care, Spirituality and Patient Care etc. Designing and Implementing Six Sigma Projects
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