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Non enhancement mri of rabbit1


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SHAPE Society

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Non enhancement mri of rabbit1

  1. 1. Non-Enhancement MRI of WHHLRabbit Aorta First data
  2. 2. • Coil:Superficial 9 cm coil • Position: Prone • Tr= 2500 Te=35 • Respiratory gating
  3. 3. Thoracic Aorta
  4. 4. Movei with gadellenium shows the flow inside the artery
  5. 5. Assessment and Plan • As we could not have enough penetration with superficial coil, we decided to use volume (cage) coil.
  6. 6. New Data
  7. 7. • Volume Coil 22cm • Tr=2000, Te=35 • Number of Slices=27 • Slice Thickness=2.5mm • Respiratory Gated
  8. 8. October 11th
  9. 9. October 11 • Our plan was to image aorta of Newzealand rabbit, unfutunatly while we were trying to intubate that, we injured her tonsile. • So we scnned another WHHL rabbit. • We did spin ech, fat sppresed spin echo, and 3D imaging.
  10. 10. Spin Echo
  11. 11. Fat Suppression
  12. 12. C
  13. 13. • Data of 3D images need particular proceesing, and it is not ready yet • We should work on fat suppression more to find better result • We should figure out what is the reason of The artifact.