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Human carotid mri spio presentation files


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SHAPE Society

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Human carotid mri spio presentation files

  1. 1. Non-invasive Detection of Vulnerable Plaque Using SPIO Enhanced MRI
  2. 2. Everybody has atherosclerosis, the question is who has Vulnerable Plaque
  3. 3. The Online Cardiovascular Research Community All slides will be available on:
  4. 4. Vulnerable Plaque? Atherosclerotic plaques that cause sudden luminal clot formation and lead to heart attack and stroke.
  5. 5. Different Types of Vulnerable Plaque As underlying Cause of Acute Coronary Events Normal Rupture-prone Fissured Eroded Critical Stenosis Hemorrhage
  6. 6. Carotid artery plaqueCCA Carotid bifurcation ICA stenosis & plaque Courtesy of Dr. Chun Yuan University of Washington, Seattle
  7. 7. Plaque Morphology Vs. Plaque Activity  Why do we need to go beyond morphological assessment of plaques? Why do we need both?  The short answer is: because not all plaques with similar morphology would result in similar outcome.
  8. 8. SPIO  Super  Paramagnetic  Iron  Oxide Colloidal coated particles of iron oxide, e.g. dextran coated SPIO (Feridex I.V.)
  9. 9. Weissleder R et al. (1997)
  10. 10. Schmitz et al J. Inv. Radiol. 2000
  11. 11.  Non-invasive MRI study of atherosclerotic plaques using SPIO (pre and post injection comparison) may be a likely method for detection of vulnerable plaques  Further studies particularly human clinical trials are warranted
  12. 12. SPIO Clinical Trial: - The first human clinical trial on detection of carotid vulnerable plaque using SPIO in patients undergoing carotid endartherectomy Baseline Scan SPIO Injection 1hr post- injection 5days Scan Surgery
  13. 13. WWW.HotPlaque.Com