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Recruitment and selectionorignal

  1. 1. Recruitment and Selection<br />Recruitment in Naveena Group of Industries<br />TYPES OF RECRUITMENT<br />There are two types of recruitment in Naveena:<br />Internal: -<br /> ( promotion or transfer from within the Organization).<br />External<br />(Hiring from out side the Organization)<br />
  2. 2. Recruitment and Selection<br />INTERNAL RECRUITMENT<br /> <br /><ul><li>Any employee of the Organization can apply for any suitable vacant post. He or she has to pass through all the selection process (described herein, and where applicable) to get selected.
  3. 3. Rehiring of an employee (Workers to Asst. Managers) within 6 months period will be approved by concerned Director and rehiring of an employee (Managers and above) within 6 months period will be approved by CEO.</li></li></ul><li>Recruitment and Selection<br /><ul><li>Rehiring of an employee within six months will be compensated on same designation and salary.
  4. 4. Salary will be revised after probationary period if it is mentioned on employment form for management trainee only in case of both internal and external recruitment. </li></li></ul><li>Recruitment and Selection<br />RECRUITMENT PROCEDURE.<br /> <br /><ul><li>The Head of Department sends duly completed Employment Requisition Form to HR & Admin department along with special requirements, if any, of the vacant post.
  5. 5. HR department invites and screens applications, and short-lists the candidates according to the Selection Criteria.</li></ul> <br /><ul><li>HR department tries to solicit at least five applications for each post in order to select from the best possible talent available.</li></ul> <br />
  6. 6. Recruitment and Selection<br />Following are the sources of applications:<br /><ul><li>Advertisement on Notice Boards of the Organization.
  7. 7. Advertisement in Print Media.
  8. 8. Employment Agencies.
  9. 9. Colleges, Universities, and Vocational Institutes.
  10. 10. Internship Programs.
  11. 11. Professional Organizations.
  12. 12. Networks of employees.</li></ul> <br />
  13. 13. Recruitment and Selection<br />SELECTION PROCEDURE<br /> <br /> Following are the steps of the selection process and their applicability.<br /><ul><li>Test (Written/Practical)
  14. 14. Filling out Application Forms
  15. 15. Interview
  16. 16. Medical Examination
  17. 17. Verification of Previous Employment Record
  18. 18. References & Qualification Checking
  19. 19. Employment Offer
  20. 20. Probationary Progress Reports</li></li></ul><li>Recruitment and Selection<br />SELECTION DECISION:-<br />Final decision to hire any person is taken by the Competent Authority (Interview Panel) after the Interview<br />A candidate must get at least 50% aggregate marks to get selected<br /> <br />
  21. 21. Training and Development <br />In Naveena group Management take vary much concern about Employee training and development , and provide<br /><ul><li>Quality and Production related training from well known institutes such as PIQC
  22. 22. ISO certifications from Abroad
  23. 23. On job training</li></li></ul><li>Training and Development <br /><ul><li>Hire As MTOs and train them
  24. 24. Training by Supervisor to Semi Skilled and newly Hired workers
  25. 25. Emergency and safety measures related training through rehearsal twice a year
  26. 26. Management course from PIMS</li></li></ul><li>Training and Development <br />Naveena group also provide facilities for advance courses and improve Qualification where expenses are bear by organization but after some condition<br /> Such as<br /><ul><li> After completion of Two year job period in Naveena
  27. 27. Filling of security Bond for working with Naveena for 3 years</li></li></ul><li>Employees services Safety, Health, Welfare<br /><ul><li>The Organization provides a safe and healthy work environment
  28. 28. Employees are subject to periodic free medical check up by the qualified persons.
  29. 29. The Competent Authority determines the timing of such checkups.</li></li></ul><li>Employees services Safety, Health, Welfare<br /><ul><li>The safety of its Employees and comfortable work environment is of prime importance to the Organization.
  30. 30. The Organization takes all the possible steps such as.
  31. 31. Proper temperature,
  32. 32. Lighting, and ventilation,
  33. 33. No exposure to physical hazards,</li></ul> toxic substances and high noise levels.<br />
  34. 34. Employees services Safety, Health, Welfare<br /><ul><li>The Organization also provides periodic safety training .This training includes
  35. 35. First aid training
  36. 36. Fire Fighting training
  37. 37. Training in avoiding Physical and Health hazard
  38. 38. Training in use of Personal Protective Equipments.</li></li></ul><li>Employees services Safety, Health, Welfare<br />Naveena Group of Industries also contributes a vital role in welfare of employees:-<br /><ul><li>ANNUAL GETTOGETHER(At least once a year all employees)
  39. 39. SALARY ADVANCE(permanent employees)
  40. 40. LOAN(permanent & up to 70% of GP Fund)
  41. 41. HAJJ(2 persons Permanent & workers)
  43. 43. ACCIDENTAL DEATH COVERAGE</li></li></ul><li>Employees services Safety, Health, Welfare<br /><ul><li>GRATUITY
  44. 44. BONUS
  46. 46. PROVISION OF GARMENTS(at subsidized rates )
  47. 47. TERMINAL BENEFITS(excluding in case of misconduct)
  48. 48.  MATERNITY BENEFIT(for Female 6 to 12 weeks)
  49. 49. Car loan Facility (Manager or above up to 1300cc)
  50. 50. Health care Insurance( premium 50% born by firm)</li></li></ul><li>4) Manpower Planning<br /><ul><li>HR Department of Naveena Group industries planning for proper utilization of manpower.
  51. 51. Production work load divided into three shift .in case of extra load of also worker also avail the over time opportunity.
  52. 52. Normally management and supervisor turn over rate is vary low , however turnover rate of workers is slightly higher but it is not so alarming because HR department has contact with worker suppliers .</li></li></ul><li>Manpower Planning<br /> For proper manpower Naveena Group having good contact with , and many other technical colleges and University.<br />Management use the job rotation strategy to increase stand by of different position in order to use as alternative in case a person left or some other emergency occur.<br />
  53. 53. Industrial relation<br /><ul><li>Naveena Textile is Member of all Pakistan Textile association
  54. 54. Member of LCC & I
  55. 55. Naveena Group having good industrial relation with US Apparels , Masood textile Interlop, CBL textile , Bismillah textile.
  56. 56. Naveena textile provide dying service to some of above mention Industries .</li></li></ul><li>Industrial relation<br /><ul><li>Share of technology and quality related issues
  57. 57. Share common industry related issues
  58. 58. Jointly done huge exports order which are not possible timely by each of them separately .
  59. 59. Particularly Naveena group has vary good relation with US Denim .</li></li></ul><li>System of Communication<br />EMPLOYEES COMMUNICATION<br />The Organization encourages Employees to communicate openly, formally and informally, about the issues important to them and to the Organization.<br />For this purpose regular sessions of Employees with Heads of their relevant Departments are arranged to provide Employees a forum to voice their opinions.<br />
  60. 60. System of Communication<br />DEPARTMENTAL MEETINGS<br />All Heads of the Departments/Unit Managers conduct monthly meetings with all Employees working in the department/unit preferably during the first week of each month. They share with Employees:<br /><ul><li> Organizational results during the previous month.
  61. 61. The contribution of the department in Organizational results.
  62. 62. Plans for the current month.</li></li></ul><li>System of Communication<br /><ul><li>Any unusual circumstances faced by the Organization.
  63. 63. Customer requirements.
  64. 64. TNA requirements.
  65. 65. Personal health and safety information and instructions.
  66. 66. Any other issue of relevance to the Employees.</li></li></ul><li>System of Communication<br /><ul><li>Moreover, they also listen to the suggestions and concerns of Employees and take appropriate action.
  67. 67. The Heads of the Departments also maintain the record of such meetings
  68. 68. Telephonic communication
  69. 69. communication through internet and E-mail</li></ul>.<br />
  70. 70. Negotiation with Union<br />
  71. 71. Negotiation with Union<br />
  72. 72. Term and Condition of Employment<br />1. During the service the employees shall be governed by the organizational rules and regulations as may be enforced from time to time and the terms of service shall be subject to such rules and regulations. <br />2. All employees shall ordinarily be appointed on the first instance on probation of three (3) month except for Management Trainees who shall go through a probationary period of six (6) months. <br />
  73. 73. Term and Condition of Employment<br />3. The competent authority can terminate the employees under probation, or the employees not employed against a permanent post, without assigning any reason and without any notice or compensation in lieu thereof .<br />4. After successful completion of probationary period, services of permanent employees shall be subject to termination by one month's written notice on either side or pay in lieu thereof. <br />
  74. 74. Term and Condition of Employment<br />5. If a permanent employee resigns on one month notice, the competent authority reserves the right to accept the resignation with immediate effect without any notice pay. <br />6. Employment is subject to an employee being found and remain medically fir for the purpose of the job. For this purpose, Employees will undergo periodic medical examination as and when required by the organization, by a doctor nominated by the organization for this purpose, and for all such purposes, the opinion of the doctor. shall be binding on the employee and the organization. <br />
  75. 75. Term and Condition of Employment<br />7. During employment with the organization, employee shall neither seek nor accept any full or part time employment outside.<br /> 8. Employees shall be transferable to other sections/departments - located anywhere - and can be utilized as deemed fit and in the best interest of the Organization without effecting their rank, status and grade.<br /> 9. Employees shall discharge their duties and responsibilities efficiently and diligently and to the satisfaction of their Reporting officers, and they will not act in any manner contrary to the interest of the Organization. <br />
  76. 76. Term and Condition of Employment<br />10. Employees shall not disclose any information relating to the organization, or its customers during or after the employment in the Organization, and shall not divulge any information or trade secrets obtained while at work in the Organization unless compelled to do so by competent court of law.<br /> 11. Employees shall be bound to make good any loss or damage to the Organization, caused by them either willingly, intentionally or unintentionally. Resignation, termination or dismissal from service shall not exonerate them from making good the loss or damage. <br />