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Katerina Papalexandri, Country Manager Greece, TAP


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Athens Energy Forum 2019 | Panel Discussion 4 - Update on Regional Midstream Developments

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Katerina Papalexandri, Country Manager Greece, TAP

  1. 1. Construction Progress of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP): The project’s contribution to Greece and the Region Katerina Papalexandri TAP’s Country Manager for Greece Athens Energy Forum The Challenge for Stability in the Region Panel 4: Update on regional midstream developments Grand Hyatt, Athens, 28 January 2019
  2. 2. TAP, the European leg of the Southern Gas Corridor TAP Construction Progress – January 2019 Addressing energy challenges in Europe and enhancing energy security Potential: facilitating further interconnections Diameter: 48” onshore 36” offshore Operation: built-in physical reverse flow Capacity: can expand from 10bcm/a to 20 bcm/a Length: 878km (105km offshore)
  3. 3. Overall Construction Progress 520,000 tonnes steel weight 5 main marshalling yards 5,397 km³ trench excavation 878km (105km offshore) 48’’ onshore 36’’offshore Built-in physical reverse flow 10bcm/a 20bcm/a 2 compressor stations: 45MW each 55,000 line pipes inter- connection points In GR and ALB:  100% Right of Way (RoW) cleared and graded  97% pipes in the ground  89% RoW reinstated/being reinstated TAP Construction Progress – January 2019 TAP is 84.1% complete, including all engineering, procurement & construction (end December 2018)
  4. 4. Construction Progress: Albania 4 215 km 8 BVS & 1 landfall station 1 compressor station 13,000 line pipes Figures as of XX Fier Compressor Station on schedule All 215km of RoW cleared and graded Landfall works started TAP Construction Progress – January 2019 183km of route reinstated
  5. 5. Construction Progress: Italy 5 8 km 1 pipeline receiving terminal 670 line pipes 1.5 km micro tunnel Digging the micro-tunnel pit Olive trees temporarily moved Works in the micro-tunnel area TAP Construction Progress – January 2019
  6. 6. 500km of land reinstated: ~90% 100% of pipeline welded CS in Kipoi under construction All ~550km of RoW cleared & entire pipeline strung Construction Progress: Greece 6 550 km 22 block valve stations 1 compressor station 32,000 line pipes Figures as of mid-January 2019 TAP Construction Progress – January 2019
  7. 7. TAP’s legacy in Greece: Multiple benefits 7 Financial & developmental; strategic & geopolitical; technological; socio-environmental; cultural €1.4 bn. in goods/services from ~800 companies Use & upgrade of Northern Greek ports €32 mil. in CSR programme Accommodation services at 70 hotels Protecting Cultural HeritageEmployment (~3,500), technology & expertise TAP Construction Progress – January 2019
  8. 8. @tap_pipeline Trans Adriatic Pipeline GR Re-instated area, activities resume. Municipality of Doxato, Drama. Kilometre point 206 of TAP’s route Thank you for your attention!