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Exposec DefenseWorld 2019 - Dave Waddington


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Dave Waddington CBE, Air Commodore (ret), Director, Military Flight Training Campaigns, Europe & Africa, CAE Defence & Security

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Exposec DefenseWorld 2019 - Dave Waddington

  1. 1. Your worldwide training partner of choice Next generation training system for next generation (Air) Forces A Transformative Solution 7 May 2019 Air Commodore David Waddington – Director, Military Flight Training
  2. 2. CAE - unmatched global reach in training
  3. 3.  Not just about ‘5th gen’ forces  Only 20% NATO combat airpower will be 5th Gen  But 4th/5th integration & interoperability will be critical  Training system often lags  Exploit capabilities of Information age platforms  ‘This gen’ fly & fight • Multi-role mission  ‘Next gen’ – fly, fight, sense, decide, control • Mission simultaneity  Exploit capabilities of Information age warriors  Match training system capability to human potential of HAF pilots  Digital natives; generation ‘z’  The challenge  Ageing training infrastructure  Skilled manpower sustainment  Budgetary challenge Why a nextgen training system
  4. 4. What is a nextgen training system – capability transformation Create the training system-of-systems to train aircrew for Information Age warfare
  5. 5. CAE Inc. Proprietary Information and/or Confidential  Military leadership & accountability  Own the Standards & assurance  Set training requirements  Create cultural environment  Industry support  Provides investment  Augments military capability where necessary  Partnership of choice  Long-term but renewable contract  Performance driven A military led solution tailored to National requirements What is a nextgen training system – organisation transformation
  6. 6. CAE Inc. Proprietary Information and/or Confidential  Better Force readiness  More effective & efficient transition to modernised front-line  Prioritises critical military personnel for operational tasks  Preserves fleet availability of nextgen combat assets  Increased military cooperation – international by design  Government-to-government arrangement  World class training system attractive to 3rd parties  Capacity for pooling & sharing with NATO allies  Delivers commercial innovation within Defence Industrial sector  ‘Spin in’ of global training technologies & innovations  Embeds performance based contracting  Minimises capital expenditure & shares financial risk Strategic effects from a training transformation initiative Benefits to a National Defence & Security Strategy
  7. 7. CAE – existing successes in transforming training systems