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1st East Med Energy Leadership Summit - Ioannis Chomatas


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Ioannis Chomatas, Project Management Division Director, DESFA, Greece

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1st East Med Energy Leadership Summit - Ioannis Chomatas

  1. 1. NATIONAL NATURAL GAS SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT PLAN Ioannis Chomatas, Projects Management Division Director October 2019 1
  2. 2. Our Prospect 2 ▪ to increase the possibilities of diversified gas entries ▪ to create new interconnections with other systems ▪ to form an EU compliant & User friendly TPA regime in the area
  3. 3. ONGOING & RECENTLY COMPLETED PROJECTS 3 Overall budget 325,12 million euros
  4. 4. ONGOING & RECENTLY COMPLETED PROJECTS : Key Summary Table 4 # Category Projects Budget (million €) 1 Compressor Stations CS Ampelia & Upgrade CS N. Mesimvria 80,00 2 Interconnections M/R TAP & North Macedonia 60,70 3 Terminal Modernization projects BOG, unloading arms and electrical switches upgrade 12,80 4 Small Scale LNG Truck Loading 6,50 5 New Areas Supply Kavala & Livadia 3,99 6 Connections of New Users LARCO & SALFA Ano Liosion 18,18 7 Modernization Projects & IT SCADA, Physical Protection of facilities, replacement of metering and control systems on MR , etc 12,45 8 Revithousa Second Upgrade of LNG Terminal 130,5
  5. 5. 5 Overall Budget : 325,12 m € Budget Distribution per Project Category ONGOING & RECENTLY COMPLETED PROJECTS : Key Figures
  6. 6. 6 Budget Distribution per Project Status ONGOING & RECENTLY COMPLETED PROJECTS: Key Figures
  7. 7. 7 NEW PROJECTS (under F.I.D) Overall budget 270,9 million euros
  8. 8. New Projects: Key Summary Table 8 # Category Projects Budget (million €) 1 Compressor Stations Booster TAP 30,00 2 Interconnections IGB 0,35 3 LNG Terminal Upgrade projects Increment of back-up power availability 3,50 4 Small Scale LNG New Jetty – Atherinolakos Crete 209,00 5 New Areas Supply M/R to supply Kastoria, Orestikon & Maniaki, CNG to supply Grevena and M/R to supply Edessa, Naousa, Veria & Gianitsa 6,00 6 Connections of New Users ADGIII, ADG IV, CNG DEPA Komotini & Tripoli, Kavala Oil, ELVAL 14,55 7 Modernization Projects & IT Cath. Protection System Upgrade Facilities for energy saving , IT Upgrades etc 5,89 8 Training Centre Technical Centre in N. Mesimvria 1,60
  9. 9. 9 New Projects : Key Figures Overall Budget 270,9 m € Budget Distribution per Project Category
  10. 10. New Projects : Key Figures 10 Budget Distribution per Project Status
  12. 12. Projects not included in 3-year period: Key Summary Table 12 Project Budget (million €) Α. Projects included for the first time in the Development Plan 1 Interconnection with FSRU of Alexandroupolis 10 2 M/R Station for connecting South Kavala UGS 7,5 3 Virtual Pipeline to Dodekanise 120 4 Virtual Pipeline to North Aegean 120 B. Projects included in the approved DP and their implementation is ongoing in the current Development 5 Compressor station at Kipi and Regulating Station in Komotini 15 Their total budget is approximately 272,50m and include the following Projects:
  14. 14. Gas Transmission System of Greece: Belonging to and operated by DESFA under full TPA 14 There are three entry points(Kipi,Strymonohori Border Station,LNG Revithoussa) and 44 exit points Technical Capacity Kwh/day Sidirokastro 125mil 11m Ag. Triada 150mil 14m Kipi 50mil 4,5m The total length of the entire system is approximately 1.500km
  15. 15. Gas Transmission System of Greece: Future Interconnections 15 FUTURE INTERCONNECTIONS • Gas through TAP pipeline (under construction) • Gas through IGB • Gas through Pipeline Nea Messimvria – Evzonon/ Gevgelija (N. Macedonia)
  16. 16. 16 New Interconnection Projects The completion of the New Interconnection Projects will lead to • The completion of the South East Europe regional market • The increase of the system’s usage • The security of Supply
  17. 17. Project Budget (million €) Status Entry in the System M/R Station in N. Messimvria for the Connection of NNGTS to TAP 12 Under construction Dec-20 Pipeline Nea Messimvria – Evzonon/Gevgelija and Metering station 48,7 Under maturity (approval of environmental terms expected by end 2019) Jun-23 Interconnection of IGB Pipeline with the NNGS in Komotini 0,35 Under maturity Jan -21 17 Interconnections These projects will be supported by Compressor Station Projects such as: Project Budget (million €) Status Entry in the System Compressor Station in Ambelia 65 Under tendering procedure for the basic design award June-23 N. Messimvria Compressor Station Upgrade 15 Preparation of tender documents for the EPC Award Dec-22 Booster Compressor Station in N. Messimvria 30 Under maturity (preparation of the documents for the basic design award) June-23
  18. 18. 18 Small Scale LNG Projects • The market’s Expansion to other sectors • The LNG usage as marine transport fuel • The enhancement of security of energy supply to the islands Our vision
  19. 19. 19 Small Scale LNG Projects Revithoussa LNG Terminal A valuable DESFA’ s Energy Asset
  20. 20. 20 Small Scale LNG Projects /for marine fuel purposes Activities DESFA’ s leader role is because of • The strategic geographical position of Revithoussa • The LNG Terminal in Revithoussa • The recently upgrade of Revithoussa tanks and installations
  21. 21. Small Scale LNG Projects Project Budget (million €) Status Entry in the System Truck Loading Pilot (first) Station 6,5 Under tender procedure the construction award) Dec-21 New jetty for small- scale LNG in Revithoussa 34,0 Under Maturity Dec-23 Virtual Pipeline to Atherinolakkos Crete 175,0 Under Maturity Mar-24 21 Desfa participates to the co-funding Poseidon Med II Project. It Includes the studies under maturity for the ports installation(Igoumenitsa, Patra, Heraklion, Limassol and Venice) for receiving LNG.
  22. 22. Small Scale LNG Projects 22 SSLNG Jetty in Revithoussa The jetty will serve the operation of the loading to small LNG carriers (1.000 m3 and up to 20.000 m3) to • Supply boats, (cruisers, containerships, Ro-Pax) in the port of Piraeus. • Supply satellite LNG storage and distribution stations to other ports in Greece or abroad or will operate virtual pipelines to islands. Truck Loading Pilot (first) Station • Use of natural gas in off grid customers • Use in shipping for the fueling of vessels
  23. 23. Virtual Pipeline to Crete 23 The Project includes: - The LNG feeder vessel (size ~ 18.000 m3) - The cryogenic facilities at Atherinolakos port - The storage and regasification infrastructure (size of storage tank :~40.000 m3) - Truck Loading Station The LNG Terminal unit in Crete would ensure continuous electricity supply. Additionally, LNG will be used as fuel in the industrial zone of Crete and commercial users (hotels , hospitals) as well as for marine bunkering, (environmental and economical benefit for local area).
  24. 24. 24 Conclusions
  25. 25. Our goals are to 25 ▪ Continue to provide high quality services ▪ Increase the interconnections of the National Natural Gas System ▪ Promote the creation of a Greek Gas Hub and the further opening of the Natural Gas Market ▪ Develop small scale LNG infrastructures
  26. 26. 26