Stephen Parry -GrantTalks-2012 A New Ethical Deal for Leaders, Management and Staff.


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Grant Rule Memorial Talk
UK Software Metrics Association 23rd Annual Conference: 21st Century Metrics

Subject of the talk - Grant Rule: A champion for human potential.
Speaker Stephen Parry
‘Even though many of us work in a world of analysis, data and detailed measurements, Grant never forgot what it was all for, he challenged everyone to help people do better work, improve themselves along with their companies and societies - to realise their human potential to create possibilities for a better life'.

'So how do we respond to his challenge? How can we influence companies who are simply concerned with shareholder capital without respect for human capital? How can the designers of software measurement respond to the challenge of measuring the work climate to enagble the willing contribution of everyone, to create innovative software that can address many of the social and business challenges the world faces today. This is particularly important when you consider that software is at the heart of most of the modern world.'

‘How can the industry of software development and IT work together to create workplace environments that are Adaptive, Innovative, and Engaging for Employees, Managers and Customers?’

‘This is a call to action for managers, staff and leaders to work together on the same side to create better workplaces based on a new professional ethical framework, why? because not only does it make good people sense it makes great business sense’

The Presenter: Stephen Parry
Thought Leader in organisational design and development. Creating Healthy Organisational Climates.

Parry is a World leading authority and strategist on the creation of adaptive, innovative and engaging organisations. He has applied adaptive learning principles to the design and management of operations in Europe, Middle- East, Asia-Pacific, (including Japan, India, Australia, Philippines) and the USA, which not only realised business value but more importantly changed the organisational climate to one conducive to the realisation of human potential.

Clients include many global corporations and national governments: SAP, LEGO, BT, UK government, police authorities, financial services and shared services.

His work has been covered in the Harvard Business Review and cited in numerous books and research papers.

He is often interviewed on BBC Radio 4 and his work has featured in documentaries on National television BBC1 and Channel 4
Parry is Co-Author of Sense and Respond: The Journey to Customer Purpose (Macmillan)
Visiting Fellow to Professor Dan Jones European Lean Enterprise Academy
Senior Partner at Lloyd Parry and CEO of See Business Differently

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