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Last planner workshop


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Last planner workshop

  1. 1. CROXLEY: “The course has been an extraordinary step in our process of implementing the Last Planner System to manage the construction works in our projects.” LAST PLANNER® SYSTEM WORKSHOP ¿WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO LEARN?! Learn all the concepts of LPS and overall process! Learn LPS Package (Pull FROM SFO IN MADRID DATES Session, 6 week lookahead, weekly work plan, constraint FEBRUARY 2012: From San Francisco in Madrid, log, weekly meeting, stand up THURSDAY 16: 16:00 - 20:30 meeting, and planning PAULO NAPOLITANO will show us FRIDAY 17: 9:00-13:30 , 15:30 - 20:00 updates) how to implement last planner SATURDAY 18: 8:30 - 13:00 PLACE: through a real process.! Processes to perform each MADRID (Spain) FEBRUARY 2012 item of the Packaged PRICE:! Roles and responsibilities of COURSE 16 HOURS the LPS performers + 2 VIDEOCONFERENCE 2 HOURS! LPS daily actions PRESUBSCRIPTION 1.200 ! (+ Taxes)! LPS implementation plan for a & 20% FREE FOR THE 2a PERSON OF THE SAME COMPANY project and organization INFORMATION: MAXIMUM 15 PEOPLE! Training Subcontractors! LPS assessment HTTP://LEANCONSTRUCTION.ES FEEDBACK: /EVENTOS-FUTUROS/LAST- PLANNER-SYSTEM-WORKSHOP/ curso-de-formacion-en-last-planner-system Last Planner® is a registered trade mark of the Lean 1/curso-sistema-del-ultimo-planificador/ Construction Institute