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Schawk Celebrates 177 Years of Photography


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Happy World Photo Day! To celebrate, we have asked a few Schawk team members from around the world, what photography means to them. With such a broad request, these images and quotes went in a number of creative directions -- giving us a true global perspective. Whether that be creative, professional, or simply for leisure -- bringing us closer together through amazing captures.

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Schawk is a global brand deployment company that protects brands and improves brand profitability. Leveraging its 100+ years of industry leadership, Schawk identifies and deploys scalable solutions to address a brand's complex production and delivery needs through proven expertise in workflow, resourcing, color management and imaging. Schawk is part of the brand deployment group of SGK, which is a Matthews International company.

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Schawk Celebrates 177 Years of Photography

  2. 2. A+ Our photography services range from project-based artistic assignments for any media channel to comprehensive global solutions for large-scale digital e-commerce. 02 In celebration of World Photography Day, we are highlighting global perspectives of photography - whether that be creative, professional, or simply for leisure.
  3. 3. 03 "Photography to me is the visual vocabulary of a story. Photography and stories alike, are passages that allow our thoughts to go live somewhere with special meaning, whether that place be in the past, present or future." PICTURES ARE STORIES Robyn Hohmeier, Account Director Schawk - Toronto
  4. 4. 04 "Life passes by quickly and the unique, special and meaningful moments of our lives pass by even quicker. Photography allows us to hold those moments. Suspend them in time and capture people, places and events in the way you want them remembered. Photos give us the power of time travel. To go back and relive, cherish and reflect on things that might otherwise be forgotten." REFLECTION RJ Steiner, Global Growth & Client Engagement Manager, Schawk - Shanghai
  5. 5. CONSUMER EXPERIENCE "Product photography helps me to appreciate how photography can mimic an in-person consumer experience with multiple views of a product, a focus on quality lighting, authentic color matching and clear product descriptions so that shopping can happen from anywhere, anytime." 05 Almaz Sullivan, Client Engagement Manager Schawk - Antwerp Photo credit: Marvin Verweij, Retouching/Color Specialist Schawk - Antwerp
  6. 6. SCIENCE & ART "Photography is what I do. Everyday. Lots of it. It has taken me from there to here, from then to now. It’s a combination of science and art, a statement of where we’ve been and things we’ve done. Created to be shared, photography to me is being there." 06 Gustavo Toledo, Photographer Schawk - Toronto
  7. 7. 07 "Photography helps me to discover new places in the world where I would like to travel to. Creating unique images at these places makes me able to relive these special moments again in the future." DISCOVER NEW PLACES Yannick Van Meel, Producer Schawk - Antwerp
  8. 8. 08 "I think photography is about balance. There is a harmony that happens between technology and concept. Photography is about mechanics, optics, speed and math. It’s also about the vision, the idea, the composition and timing. When the art and science come together in the right way great moments are captured." BALANCE Owen Pratt, Creative Director Schawk - Chicago
  9. 9. PRODUCT, FOOD & 360 PHOTOGRAPHY 360-Degree Photography Content Planning Copywriting and Content Meta Data Photography Product Sample Management Virtual Photography (3D and CGI) 09 From photographs of on-model apparel that sells, to mouthwatering images of food that entice—and everything in between, we deliver stunning images, technical superiority and workflow efficiency, fast.
  10. 10. THANK YOU! We combine the artistic expertise, technology and studio resources worldwide to deliver exceptional photography with swift digital processing and scalable content/image management solutions. Get in touch! We'd love to hear from you. SCHAWK. COM 08/ 19