In the heart of the Mecca of Management Training


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The St. Gallen Business School is located in the heart of St. Gallen, the centre of modern Management Training. Based on the findings of Prof. Dr. Hans Ulrich, Prof. (emer.) Dr. h.c. Knut Bleicher developed the Concept of Integrated Management which has a lasting effect on successive generations of management. The privately organised St. Gallen Business School focuses internationally on the practical implementation and diffusion of this famous St. Gallen Management Approach.
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In the heart of the Mecca of Management Training

  1. 1. St. Galler Business SchoolSt. Galler Business School Switzerland International Management Education
  2. 2. St. Galler Business SchoolSt. Gallen: the Mecca ofManagement Training St. Gallen Panorama Since the early 70’s St. Gallen has steadilydeveloped into the centre of modern ManagementTraining. Under the aegis of the late Professor Dr.Hans Ulrich, who died in 1997, the value of a unifiedand integrated corporate management wasrecognised early on. The approach of the St. GallenManagement Model, further developed in themeantime by Prof. (emer.) Dr. h.c. Knut Bleicher intothe Concept of Integrated Management, todayenjoys internationally both recognition andpopularity in equal measure. It has meanwhile had alasting effect on the thinking of successivegenerations of management with the result that theSt. Gallen Approach is today put into practice by anever growing spectrum of users, yet providing aframework with which managers, thanks to a betterknowledge of the overall context, are themselvesable to pinpoint problems and identify their possible Prof. Dr. Knut Bleicher:solutions. Concept Integrated ManagementThe location St. Gallen, known amongst specialistsin the field due to these scientific achievements as“Management Valley St. Gallen”, is today thepowerhouse of the conceptual further refinement ofthe St. Gallen Management Approach. Both theUniversity of St. Gallen (HSG), recognised as one ofthe best academic seats of learning for BusinessAdministration in Europe, as well as the privatelyorganised St. Gallen Business School (SGBS),which, along with other St. Gallen institutions,achieves the highest success internationally in thepractical implementation and wider diffusion of theSt. Gallen Management Approach through itsseminars, management programmes and businessconsulting services, make St. Gallen today atraining venue with a unique standing worldwide asa source of knowledge and generator of impulses inthe sector of Management Training and FurtherDevelopment. Headquarter of the St. Gallen Business School (SGBS)
  3. 3. St. Galler Business SchoolThe St. Gallen Business SchoolFully aware of the increasing importance of humancapital as a significant competitive advantage in Christian Abegglen Dr. oec. HSGbusiness, many lean companies continue, despite Director of the Boardcurrent economical difficulties, to resolutely pursue St. Gallen Business Schooltheir training initiatives. In order to achieve success inthese endeavours they set different objectives forspecific educational target groups. Top managers arefamiliarised with state-of-the-art management Robert Neumannknowledge; managers on a career path are equipped Prof. Dr. hab.with compact executive training in all aspects of Academic Directorgeneral management; specialists are encouraged to St. Gallen Business Schoolbroaden their horizons; junior executives are trained inthe fundamental cornerstones and tools of operativeleadership. The St. Gallen Business School caters forthe diverse needs of individual target groups with a Knut Bleicher Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c.differentiated offering of open enrollment seminars and Former President of the Academicmanagerial programs. Advisory Board St. Gallen Business SchoolWe strive to provide participants with the latest availableknowledge from research and science with emphasis onpractical relevance and with a view to its subsequent directimplementation. This is achieved through a mixture ofknowledge transfer and practical tasks based on actualsituations using specific management tools andmethodologies. Our highly qualified lecturers and speakersprovide sound and proven experience in the fields of Publications (extract) business practice, management on time and management .consulting. They hold leading positions in their field of Knut Bleicher, Edited by Christian Abegglenspecialization and continuously keep abreast of most Meilensteine der Entwicklung eines Integrierten Managements [Milestones of an Integratedrecent insights. Management] (Language: German, in six volumes)All course contents are based on the theory of “System First & second volume are already availableOriented Management” and the “Concept of Integrated ISBN 3-89929-052-6, ISBN 3-89929-055-4Management” developed by Prof. (emer.) Dr. Dres. h.c. (third volume will be published in November 2009)Knut Bleicher. This concept is the cornerstone of ourseminars, in-house events and consulting activities. Using Knut Bleicherthis theoretical background, specific aspects of business Das Konzept Integriertes Management [Theknowledge can be isolated and assembled into well- Concept of Integrated Management] (Language: German)structured elements whilst maintaining a clear view of the Campus-Verlag, 7th edition, 2004big picture. ISBN 3-593-37634-2The Management Training Weeks regularly conducted bythe St. Gallen Business School in Boston (DowntownHarvard Club of Harvard University) und London (London Chris Stern Total Customer FocusSchool of Economics) et al. enjoy an excellent reputation (Language: English)amongst professional circles providing a venue several Xlibris-Verlag 2004times per year at which high-calibre managers of ISBN 1-4134-6809-8international corporations come together to further traintheir skills in the fields of Strategy, Finance andLeadership. Li Choy Chong The China Venture - Business Environment and Strategic Considerations International Management Series (Language: Englisch) ISBN 3-905-379-02-3 St. Gallen Business Books & Tools
  4. 4. Business School St. Gallen SGBSInternational Management EducationRosenbergstrasse 36CH-9000 St. GallenPhone: 0041-(0)71 225 40 80Fax: 0041-(0)71 225 40 89Internet: www.sgbs.come-mail: