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Professional Reference letter


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Reference letter from Nate Johnson

Published in: Career
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Professional Reference letter

  1. 1. October 17, 2015 To: Human Resources Director, Hiring Manager, and/or Project Management Office (PMO) Director: Not only is it an honor, a privilege, and a pleasure to acknowledge Ms. Shawn Foster’s cross-functional IT leadership prowess, but also to recommend Ms. Foster for any senior leadership roles within the rubric of project management and business transformations. Ms. Foster epitomizes the very essence of organizational leadership predicated upon collaborative and consensus-building techniques in effecting critical enterprise objectives ~ vision(s), mission(s), goal(s), objective(s), and critical success factor(s) ~ particularly those relating to financial and/or economic factors. For two (2) decades, Ms. Foster has been the primary collegial advisor on numerous endeavors ~ campus-based research computing, continuous operations, critical post-9/11 disaster recovery and emergency preparedness, and a telephone switch implementation effecting over 20,000 customers, initiatives ~ where her penchant for leadership was manifested through her skills in organizational assessment, situational analysis, and individual performance management, also serving as paramount, critical, success factors. Of particular note should be the strength of character that enabled Ms. Foster to institute a new operational philosophy and positively effect cultural change amid extreme resistance to change, as epitomized during her Carnival and Department of Transportation tenures.
  2. 2. page 2 Shawn set a new standard for organizational capability and competency at all levels, stressing the importance of continuous improvement, the vetting of ideas, plus insuring that collaborative and consensus-building techniques were utilized with stakeholders. She listened, counseled, and mentored peers, her customers, and clients. Shawn stressed the importance of accountability to those internal and external stakeholders by successfully employing planning techniques - the creation and implementation of plans that relied upon metrics and performance measures as the drivers for successful organizational change. In selecting new initiatives and/or projects, Shawn included cost-benefit and other financial analyses as critical justification factors. An astute manager and leader, Shawn’s knowledge and personal skills gave her team leaders and staff the knowledge and capacity to be more successful both on behalf of their customers and their colleagues. Shawn promoted and encouraged staff to improve and enhance their skills through professional development plans encompassing various educational alternatives and participation in various associations. I highly recommend Ms. Shawn Foster for any highly responsible, senior leadership role. In her candidacy, you will find a very personable and visionary strategist, an able and collaborative colleague, and a capable and valued mentor to those in her organization. Beyond these exceptional qualities, she possesses key competencies derived from first-hand knowledge and her vast, and diverse, experiences that contribute to her considerable leadership skills. With the greatest regards, Nathaniel J. Johnson, Sr. Former MIT Chief Network Officer (CNO) President, NJJ Associates