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  • To note: numbers keep growing rapidly from month to month and difficult to update them quickly or each time)
  • And this new technology model and this new business model was also complimented by something else that was so important and that was our new philanthropic model. And this new philanthropic model was the day that we started took one percent of our equity, one percent of our profit and one percent of all of our employees time. We put it into a 501C3 public charity and we said as we become successful, we will bring others with us and we will help them to become successful, as well.It was not enough for us to be successful. They must also be successful.12,000 non‑profits use our product for free, we’ve given 270,000 hours of community service, and $24 million in grants have come out of the foundation.
  • We recognize organizations are all in unique industries. You have unique business processes; Unique workflow, unique languages and vocabulary inside your organizations. How do you build those custom applications but that they're still social? Those are mobile. Those are open. Those are Real‑time.We've seen incredible work from all of you as you deliver that social enterprise platform for fundraising, donor management, or global integration. We've seen organizations like Kiva, like Goodwill, like Red Cross, and so many others leverage the technology to reach their mission and track their constituents significantly more efficiently and dramatic, and exciting, and really breakthrough apps.(all these organizations have case studies in the Success Stories – pick one or two to go deeper to explain how they are using the platform.
  • Slide for Sean to add details on assignments each week.
  • New hiredeck nov2011-foundation-nov28

    1. 1. Integrated PhilanthropyThe 1% Model
    2. 2. 2009
    3. 3. •License donation & discounts• Employee & communityengagement• Financial
    4. 4. Leading Nonprofits Run their Programs on Salesforce Microfinance in Donor Internal Volunteer,the Service Cloud Management Process partner and Management donor management Data Fair Trade Sales Addressing Dynamic website Management, cloud human-trafficking on andCommunication, via mobile LRA CrisisGlobal Integration Tracker
    5. 5. Share the Model
    6. 6. The foundation + You = Like• Take an active role• Volunteer –
    7. 7. - Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO,
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    9. 9. Today’s Volunteer Assignments • Glide • RAFT • Shelter Network • Food Bank
    10. 10. Thank You!
    11. 11. arko the homelesselter und Bring your whole selfst bikexhibit zoo to work Teach a kid to read Mentor high school students Comfort a scared puppy Feed the hungry Plant a garden Build a kid’s first bike