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SFScon19 - Adriano Venturini - The Beacon South Tyrol Mobile Guide


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The Beacon Südtirol – Alto Adige project ( is developing a hardware and software Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure for South Tyrol Province. The project is currently deploying 3.500 beacons, small Bluetooth devices that, by providing a unique identifier, enable the development of mobile applications which can offer localized and contextual services. The developed infrastructure, which will be available as open source, can be used to develop added value services for the region. Within this context, Suggesto, in collaboration with IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige, NOI Techpark and the Computer Science Faculty of Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, is extending the South Tyrol Mobile Guide official app to provide to the users contextual information and personalized recommendations for point of interests to visit or activities to practice ( Beacons enable the application to precisely localize the user both indoor and outdoor. Users in proximity of a point of interest (POI) can receive information about the POI or suggestions for other nearby POIs to visit. Innovative recommendation algorithms exploit the user’s observed behavior and position to compute personalized suggestions for relevant point of interests. The app is now under evaluation on some selected case studies. During the talk, we will present the scenarios which are supported, their implications and possible extensions; we will provide an overview of the implemented recommendation algorithms and illustrate the software architecture which has been designed to integrate the beacon technologies and the recommendation algorithm in the existing architecture. We will also present the first results of the user evaluations on the selected case studies.

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SFScon19 - Adriano Venturini - The Beacon South Tyrol Mobile Guide

  1. 1. B e a c o n d e t e c t i o n s a n d p e r s o n a l i z e d r e c o m m e n d a t i o n s The Beacon South Tyrol Mobile Guide Adriano Venturini Dario Cavada SFSCON 2019, Bozen, 15-16/11/2019
  2. 2. South Tyrol Beacon Guide App SFSCON 2019, Bozen, 15-16/11/2019 • Project partners: •Prototype extensions of the South Tyrol App: • Personalized suggestions on things to do. • User localization and push notification through beacon detection
  3. 3. What is a Beacon • A small Bluetooth radio transmitter • Transmits a unique ID which can be used to: • Detect a position • Detect proximity to a point of interest • Can transmit additional information: • Provide specific information about an object • Temperature • Accelerometer data • URL • Short range (0-100 m) • Enables the implementation of context dependent scenarios, via mobile apps or bluetooth enabled devices.
  4. 4. 3.500 beacons in South Tyrol
  5. 5. Beacon notification 5
  6. 6. Architecture 6 POI API Open Data Hub App Beacon Detection Recommendations Beacon Beacon API Logging System Tips API Log <Elastic Search> Analysis <Kibana> Recommender System Beacon SDK Amazon AWS
  7. 7. 3. BeaconId, lat - lon 4. Lat,lon 6. POI South Tyrol Beacon Guide App Open Data Hub Beacon Notification Architecture Beacon 1. detect 2. Beacon info 5. search(lat, lon) Beacon API POI API beacon-sdk Beacon Detection <foreground service> POI Selection POI notification
  8. 8. Personalized suggestions Support tourists in finding places of interests (POIs) Huge variety of different POIs Understanding User preferences in Context SUNNY AFTERNOON COFFEE BAR Adapting recommendation to user group behaviour
  10. 10. Recommender System architecture Model Repository DB Query 3rd PArty API Data Ingest Process Data ML Model Training Machine Learning ML Model Serving Recommender System LoadBalancer RESTAPI RequestAnalyzer UserProfileBuilder Recommendations (*) POIs Visit Trajectories for Next-POI Recommendation, Proceedings of the International Conference in Nicosia, Cyprus, January 30–February 1, 2019, David Massimo and Francesco Ricci
  11. 11. 11 Log tracking and usage Amazon AWS App Logging FireroseLOG API <lambda function> INDEXER <lambda function> Firerhose Bucket S3 Elastic Search Console <Kibana>
  12. 12. Data analysis (Kibana Console) 12
  13. 13. First evaluation and found issues • Issues in background mode with different Android versions. Android 9 is more restrictive on: • notifications • power management • When the app is in standby, it is necessary to change default power management settings • Android hints the user on power consumption on the foreground service
  14. 14. Next steps • Next version of the recommender: • Collect users’ data for the recommender • Extend the recommender system with new algorithms which consider the history of items visited by the user (see David’s presentation) • Beacon: • Give to the users more control on notifications and on power management • Deal with itineraries
  15. 15. B e a c o n d e t e c t i o n s a n d p e r s o n a l i z e d r e c o m m e n d a t i o n s The Beacon South Tyrol Mobile Guide Adriano Venturini Dario Cavada '' SFSCON 2019, Bozen, 15-16/11/2019