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Four Reasons To Pay Extra For Software Freedom


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Simon Phipps, Open Source Initiative (OSI) Director and Chief Strategy Officer at ForgeRock

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Four Reasons To Pay Extra For Software Freedom

  1. 1. Four Reasons To Pay Extra For Software Freedom Open Source Trends and Directions Simon Phipps Director The Open Source Initiative
  2. 2. OSI
  3. 3. Software Freedom
  4. 4. The Greatest Enemy of Freedom is a Happy Slave
  5. 5. Stallman
  6. 6. Software Freedoms ● Use ● Study ● Modify ● Distribute
  7. 7. Software Freedoms ● Use ● Adoption-Led, Implement & Iterate ● Succeed – or fail - early ● Budget Control ● Study ● Access to experts ● Proven solutions ● Modify ● Rich marketplace ● Innovation freely possible ● Distribute ● To your ecosystem ● To every citizen ● Within web pages & devices
  8. 8. Software Business Value Is The First Derivative Of Software Freedom
  9. 9. Premium Values ● No Licence Compliance Management ● Community Escrow ● Simple Ecosystems ● Adoption-Led Procurement
  10. 10. No Licence Compliance ● Proprietary software applies licence terms to end users (EULA) ● Software asset management is a major business cost ● Open source licences have no end-user limitations - Free software has no EULA ● Use that does not involve distribution to others has no compliance requirements ● Key, under-recognised open source value
  11. 11. Community Escrow ● If the vendor goes away, the community carries on
  12. 12. Simple Ecosystems ● Every employee, every partner, every customer, every citizen can freely use the same software ● Freely create extensions or custom distributions ● Software use for work-from-home
  13. 13. Adoption-Led Deployment ● Prototype and Iterate ● Afford To Fail ● Proceed When It Works ● Secure vendor support when you're ready ● Stay in control of what you spend, when you spend and where you spend
  14. 14. Spec RFP Bids Pilot Production Payments required Vendors drive process Procurement-Driven Customers become Users
  15. 15. Prototype Iterations Pilot Limited roll-out Production Adoption-Led Model Subscription 1 Hire expert Subscription 2 Hire expert Normal staff Per solution, even per component: ● Hire the staff ● Buy the vendor subscription ● Spread the load to normal staff First vendor contact?
  16. 16. Subscriptions The Subscription covers: ● Service Level Agreement ● Making your implementor succeed ● Sustaining ● Keeping the product working as the environment evolves ● Research & Development ● Ensuring the product delivers the functions needed for the future
  17. 17. Barriers To Value ● Procurement Policy ● Existing Lock-In ● Vendor denies software freedom ● “Open Core” ● Single-party community ● Dual licence ● Cloud
  18. 18. Specify Software Freedom ● It's OK to have a “jargon” token as long as business value is meant ● All business values are the first or second derivative of software freedom ● Treat open source as a defined term with a referenced policy
  19. 19. Trapped By “Gratis” ● English meaning of “Free” ● Cost-cutting history ● Undue focus on price
  20. 20. If we didn't know better we would pay extra for open source software
  21. 21. Thank-you!