SFSU ISYS 363-1 Fall 2013-group: Bears


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SFSU ISYS 363-1 Fall 2013-group: Bears

  1. 1. SFSU ISYS 363-01 Fall 2013 Group: Bears
  2. 2. Introduction: Features & Criteria ● Features required: ○ Feedback management ○ Real time updated editing ○ Accessibility for all group members ○ File sharing ○ Notifications ● Criteria: ○ Identify the specific collaborative behaviors that users seek to facilitate or augment. ○ Consider whether those collaborative behaviors are either common or strategic. Because estimating the cost savings that will result from the adoption of new services and tools can be difficult, the breadth of need or the strategic importance of the effort in need can be powerful indicators of value.
  3. 3. Introduction: Concerns & Market ● Concerns: ○ Used in performing an operation for moving a group toward its goal ○ Can improve or impede group performance ○ Technical issues such as server crash ○ Missing functions ● Market Leaders: ○ Usually the most experienced individual ○ Help drive the team, keep everyone focused, and guide the team through the ups and downs of daily work
  4. 4. Pros and Cons of Group Collaboration Tools Pros: ● The user range is broad. Skype is a very well known tool being used all over the world. ● Simple enough for beginners to quickly get a hang of. ● Can work on most kind of devices and systems. Skype supports Windows system, Mac and Linux. Cons: ● Limited service. For example, it allows call waiting, but doesn’t provide call blocking service. ● Requires every user in the conversation to stay online at the same time. ● For business usage, allowing a public instant messaging app on working computer may conflict with corporate policy. Skype (Video Conferencing)
  5. 5. Pros and Cons of Group Collaboration Tools Pros: ● Good for hosting large meetings (up to 10 people) online with good voice and video quality. ● Fun to use with the Youtube integration. ● Free and easy to use. Cons: ● Not business specific. ● You can report a user, but not remove them from Hangout. ● Privacy issue is a concern because the chat messages are shared with everyone in your hangouts. Google+ Hangouts (Video Conferencing)
  6. 6. Pros and Cons of Group Collaboration Tools Pros: ● Easily accessible with any computer that has an internet connection. ● Works are saved on Google Drive, users can also download the work and save on their own computer. ● You can set your own privacy levels. For example, only people with the link can view and edit the document. Cons: ● Allow users to view on phones but does not support mobile or tablet editing. ● Fewer formatting options compared to Word. ● Can’t detect other user actions - who edited which part in the document. Google Docs (Document sharing)
  7. 7. Pros and Cons of Group Collaboration Tools Pros: ● Can download any type of file. ● Can attach files to notes, save web pages and laptop. ● Tags to keep everything in an easy to find format. Cons: ● Easily crashes constantly. ● Not enough security to protect user data. ● Not designed for large documents, it can store but restrictions. Evernote (Document sharing)
  8. 8. Pros and Cons of Group Collaboration Tools Pros: ● Viable option for large groups. ● Easy to use event planning. ● Excellent for mobile users. Cons: ● Only online. ● Document limit. ● Not well known. Keepandshare (File sharing and storage)
  9. 9. The tool our group will use We choose to use the Google Docs. ● Google Docs are free to use. ● It is easy to use and only needs an e-mail address to participate in. ● Group members can edit the work at anytime and it doesn’t require everyone to be online at the same time.
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