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  1. 1. BELOW ZERO
  2. 2. Recent Low for Santa Fe: -18 at the Santa Fe Airport, Feb 3. Prior Feb. 3 record low for Santa Fe: -7 in 1956 Record low for Santa Fe: -18 1963 Recent state low: -36 at Angel Fire Record state low: -47 at Eagle Nest, 1971
  3. 3. Hours Española Valley Humane Society didn’t have gas: 90 Number of dogs and cats taken into foster homes while the building was without heat: 95  
  4. 4. Braving the cold: “Last night it got to -30 up there,” Kera Knapp, 19, originally of Arkansas, says. Knapp spent the night of Feb. 2 in a tent approximately six miles up Artist Road with her husband. “Our friend Doc has a thermometer and he says it only goes to -30. But we have like six blankets on top of us.”
  5. 5. Alternative measures: Amilcar Hernandez helps his dad Jose load the trunk up with propane tanks from Ferrellgas on Cerrillos Road to fuel a propane heater in case Santa Fe followed cities around the state that lost gas service for several days.
  6. 6.   Number of New Mexico Gas Company technicians deployed to re-light Española and Taos furnaces: 550
  7. 7. School hours missed by children in Santa Fe public school district: 15
  8. 8.   Gellin’: “From 0 [degrees] to -9 it will actually hit a gel product,” Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge shop foreman Allen Mirabel says of the problem some diesel owners had with fuel “gelling up” during the cold snap. ” It separates in the fuel tank—the jellylike substance sits on the bottom.” Mechanics at the shop advised diesel motorists to use diesel fuel conditioner, which changes the temperature at which diesel starts to become a solid.
  9. 9. Fuel for the fire: Annette Evans, left, and Teri Lynn Taylor drove from Española to Santa Fe to buy firewood after Española vendors sold out. Most of the Española area lost gas service Feb. 3, and 24 percent still remained without it five days later.
  10. 10. The heat is on: Customers flooded Ace Hardware on Cerrillos Road Feb. 4 when the store took a delivery of a truckload of heaters.