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New Opportunities in Social+Mobile+Local Marketing - Dick Raman


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New Opportunities in Social+Mobile+Local Marketing
Dick Raman, CEO, BrandReact

When Google gave every business it's own website, it revolutionized local marketing. Now that smartphones are in everyone's pocket, Mobile marketing gets a new twist. Add to this social media with geo Info and you have a completely new playing field for marketing to local customers.

In this session we will discuss the importance of claiming and optimizing your Google places page, as well as several strategies for local marketing from text message marketing to local SEO.

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New Opportunities in Social+Mobile+Local Marketing - Dick Raman

  1. 1. Dick Raman, CEO,BrandReact, Inc.
  2. 2. !  Founder/CEO First Internet Company to go Public in The Netherlands in 2000 !  2005 Moved to US !  Wrote some books !  CEO BrandReact, Inc.
  3. 3. •  >50% of Americans has a Smartphone•  Increasingly using the phone for •  SMS Text •  Facebook/Twitter •  Local Search •  eMail•  People are spending more and more time on their phone each day
  4. 4. !  Nobody Sees ads anymore: !  The Phonebook !  The Yellow Pages !  TV !  Newspaper/Magazine Print Ads !  Direct Mail !  eMail (<20% even opens it)!  So how can a Local Business present itself?
  5. 5. !  Google, Yahoo & Bing have introduced: !  Local Search !  Places Pages !  Maps !  …and a new search algorithm!
  6. 6. !  Search Results look different !  Local gets preference !  Introduction of Maps!  Searching is mostly Local !  From your Smartphone (GPS Location) !  Using Location in your Browser !  Auto-Detected (IP-address) !  Set by you !   Narrow or Broad
  7. 7. !  Google has provided each business with a FREE homepage.!  >50 million World Wide!  Data from Business registers!  Owners can ‘Claim their page’!  Strict verification: !  Google calls the Business Phone !  Sends a Postcard!  Owner can modify the page
  8. 8. !  End 2009 Google distributed 100.000 window decals!  QR codes link to the Business Places Page
  9. 9. !   Favorite Places on Google
  10. 10. !  Search Engine Optimization!  Used to be the only way to be found!  Social Media changed that !  Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/YouTube will prove to work even better!  However with the focus on Local !  SEO remains important!  Smart phones can search in a different way!
  11. 11. !  Still works!!  Your website still has to: !  Refresh content regularly !  Use Site Update Services !  Have backlinks from important sites !  Keyword optimized content !  Metadata !  Title !  Image Alt text !  URL
  12. 12. !  Claim your Places Page !  Multiple Locations = Multiple Claims!  Add Geo-Tagged Photos/Videos!  Keyword-rich Business Description!  Use standard categories (5)!  Citations !  Make sure your Name, Address & Phone !  Are everywhere !  Are always exactly the same (From Google)!  Linked to Directions & Maps
  13. 13. !  Optimize your page!  Reviews, Reviews, Reviews !  Your business is important when people talk about it…!  The more good reviews the higher your rank!  How to get reviews?!  Give good service!
  14. 14. !  Consumer always had a voice !  Consumer Advocate Groups !  TV Shows!  With Social Media !  The Masses can be mobilized !  Instantly!  Consumers can damage or break your Company
  15. 15. !  93% of Americans believe a company should have a social media presence!  85% believe a company should be active with customers in social media!  56% feel a stronger connection with companies they interact with in social media Cone Business, Sept 2008
  16. 16. !  Retain Customers!  Acquire Customers!  Reputation/Crisis Management!  Customer Service (in Public)!  Public Relations!  R&D!  Competitive Analysis!  Exceed Expectations
  17. 17. !  Effective social listening is not just a technical issue, it is also a cultural and business process one!  Involve the whole organization!   Many companies have listening programs somewhere within the enterprise !  with different tools, goals, success metrics, training and skills.!   Strong momentum towards enterprise wide approaches
  18. 18. !  Add Value!  Share!  Be Personal!  Ask!  Show your Expertise!  Be Transparent!  Listen!  Be Active
  19. 19. !  Contests!  Discounts!  Exclusive Content!  Research!  Surveys!  Combine Online & Offline!  What makes you or your company interesting
  20. 20. If you like a copy of the presentation: TEXT ‘BrandReact’ + your name + email to 96362 BrandReact, Inc. Dick Raman, CEO http://BrandReact.MOBI