How to drive 51% engagement through Social, Mobile, and Email - Sundeep Kapur


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How to drive 51% engagement through Social, Mobile, and Email
Sundeep Kapur, Evangelist, NCR Corp.

Successful brands need to focus on increasing interaction effectiveness with their consumer base. Join us for 45 minutes of insight where we will share five specific case studies that will provide you with the key mantras driving consumer engagement.

Our learning includes research from over 150 billion social media impressions, and over 25 billion messages sent. We will discuss the three key trends that are driving social — Social Integration, Social Measurement, and Social CRM. Social can be a very powerful way to help you achieve your engagement goals.

- We will help you measure the ROI on social, mobile, and email by explaining what different metrics mean on each channel.
- We will show you how to align your campaign goals with campaign results?
- We will also highlight specific ways to use real time interaction to create long-term engagement? We will provide tips on building an engagement optimization framework that moves from awareness, to engagement, to leads, to conversion, to loyalty.

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  • Always offering a discount Img:
  • Engagement:  Compare, not just the size of the following month-over-month, but if people are talking about you. Reduction in cost:  Try to reduce your marketing spending by leveraging social media channels with existing channels. Attributable revenue:  Try using coupon codes and control groups to see if social is increasing revenue, and then invest accordingly. Image: analytics for the Impulse Music & Arts Festival page
  • Most consumers leverage three primary channels - Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • The statistic was taken from an article in the Wall St. Journal (May 9, 2012) titled “ Can Texting Save Stores?”
  • You have to reduce costs You have to learn to listen You have to focus on customer service You have to establish credibility You have to spread the word You have to drive revenue You need it to be complete
  • How to drive 51% engagement through Social, Mobile, and Email - Sundeep Kapur

    1. 1. Driving 51% Engagement through Social, Mobile, & EmailSundeep KapurDigital Evangelist, NCR@emailyogi 1 1
    2. 2. My Passion 2
    3. 3. My Hotel 3
    4. 4. 70% response rates 21% conversion on 3-touch transaction My Favorite Bank
    5. 5. My Airline 5
    6. 6. 6
    7. 7. Social Integration The combination of social media into consumer touch points. 7
    8. 8. Social Measurement The three-fold impact of social media.5. Engagement6. Reduction in cost7. Attributable revenue 8
    9. 9. Social CRM Allows a business to recognize their consumer, remember the consumer’s transactions, and plan their dialogue.Measure consumer influence: 1. Number of fans (possible sphere of influence). 2. Fan activity on social media. 3. "Friends" of the fan response to the activity. 9
    10. 10. Can you assign a value or can you segment? Actively Silent on social Recently retired The most active Speakscontinues your 300 media; likes to 250 and remains 50 on all three 100 occasionally to 800discussions on read what others fairly active on all channels. followers,Twitter and FB. 250 are 100 doing. channels; talks to 200 Logs in, engages 500 friends, and 1000 family & friends. & shares info connections. 800 400 100 numerous times 200 3000 a day. 10
    11. 11. Measuring the Impact of Social: What are your goals? Awareness: Fans & Impressions Engagement: Interaction & Level of Interaction Leads: Contact information, & Preference Center (email, mobile, social) Conversion: Sales, or other Concrete Action Loyalty: Return Visits, Shares, Complaints 11
    12. 12. Mobile and ROI• The consumer is continuously engaged• The Consumer is always connected• The new ‘Gen’ multitasks very efficiently• Mobile spans generations• View trends over time “More than 3.4 billion mobile coupons were redeemed in 2011 globally” –Juniper Research 12
    13. 13. Email and ROI1. Un-subscribes2. New subscribers3. Bounces4. Opens5. Clicks6. Conversion7. Surveys 13
    14. 14. A few thoughts on Social Media…1. An interactive dialogue3. Words + Pictures + Sound + Video5. Listening is important7. It is not a fad9. Cross Channel 14
    15. 15. 5 Things You Should Be Doing1. Finding new Customers3. Effective on-boarding or getting to know them5. Giving them nuggets of information to share7. Cutting costs, & driving attributable revenue9. Get your team on board first
    16. 16. Seven Practical Considerations…1. What do you want to do?2. How much time will you spend doing it?3. How frequently will you update?4. What are the desired rewards?5. Who will do it?6. Who will pay for it?7. How will you measure success? 16
    17. 17. A few things for you… 11 things not to do with social media • Don’t run specials, Respond within 60 minutes, Nurture brand ambassadors… The latest in social media • LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+… How to conduct an email audit • List, Campaigns, Measurement… 150 page Guide on deliverability • Dynamic white-listing, Focus on bounces, SMS Research from 150 billion social media impressions • Length of post, How to respond, Type of content 17
    18. 18. Back Squeak Driver…Sundeep KapurSundeep.Kapur@gmail.com803-479-2549@emailyogiSundeep Kapur 18 18