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Ppp my last vacation


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Mis pasadas vacaciones en ingles

Published in: Education
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Ppp my last vacation

  2. 2. Last year during my vacatión time with my family we went to la Vega. While she was packing the suitcases , I was looking for my shirt. Stayed for a week where my aunt house.
  3. 3. Do not disturb me while I'm listening to music! I talk to my brother while he was having lunch. While I was taking a shower, my parents sunbathed
  4. 4. I was swimming when the phone rang He was talking on the phone, I was watching TV. We were watching a movie while the screen went blank.
  5. 5. We were complaining about the weather when the sun broke through the clouds. My girlfriend was reading while I was cooking.
  6. 6. Kevin was cancelling his flight when we called him I was with my girlfriend and my family and we liked a lot the trip This holiday was great