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Business Opportunities with SFFAMA, Inc.


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Business Opportunities with SFFAMA, Inc.

San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance, a California non-profit corporation, is the leading institution in the San Francisco Bay Area’s fashion industry. Over 1,700 members on Facebook, 105 events. Winner of Best Fashion Event Producer of the Year and Best Marketing at San Francisco Fashion Awards 2011. Producer of San Francisco Fashion Week (tm). SFFAMA provides business and technology education for fashion entrepreneurs and serves as a business and social development network for the thriving local fashion industry.

For media relations, strategic partnerships, , product promotions, sponsorship opportunities and booking info, please email Owen Geronimo at - or visit

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Business Opportunities with SFFAMA, Inc.

  1. 1. Business Opportunitieswith SFFAMA, Inc.Presentation By:SAN FRANCISCO FASHION ANDMERCHANTS ALLIANCE, INC.
  2. 2. San Francisco Fashion Awards ™Nominations:• 2010, Pret-A-Porter SF, Best Creative Director• 2010, San Francisco Fashion Week ™, Best Producer (Winner)• 2010, Pret-A-Porter SF, Best Producer• 2010, Fashion Feud Live, Best Producer (Winner)• 2011, Pret-A-Porter SF, Best Creative Director• 2011, Pret-A-Porter SF, Best Producer• 2011, Fashion Feud Live, Best Producer• 2011, Best Marketing (Winner)
  3. 3. San Francisco Fashion Awards ™ Winner:• 2010, Best Producer, Fashion Feud Live• 2011, Best Producer, San Francisco Fashion Week ™• 2011, Overall, Best Marketing
  4. 4. Sold Out Runway Shows:• Pret-A-Porter SF 2010, Press Club• Pret-A-Porter SF 2011, Madrone Studios• Project San Francisco (with Eventbrite) 2011, The Summit• San Francisco Fashion Week ™ 2010, Runway 2, VitaminSocial Water• San Francisco Fashion Week ™ 2011, Runway 3, Madrone Studios
  5. 5. Top Category Leader “SF Fashion”(Search Engine):• Five (5) SFFAMA Websites on Google’s Top Tenof category …“SF Fashion” and “San Francisco Fashion”
  6. 6. Largest membership network in theNorthern California fashion industrywith groups on:• Facebook• LinkedIn• Meetup• Ning
  7. 7. SFFAMA produces San Francisco’s longestrunning monthly workshop ‘FASHIONTECHSF’combining ‘business of fashion’ and‘fashion and technology’ formats.
  8. 8. Industry Sponsors Include:• American Outfitters• Apple• Aveda• City Model Management• Elizabeth Arden•• Pigment Cosmetics• WWD/ Magic
  9. 9. Global Partners andInternational Outreach• 360 Fashion Network, Europe & Asia• Bitisi, Europe• IndieGoGo, United States• State of Style, Sweden• Unitedstyles, China
  10. 10. SFFAMA Products and Ongoing Projects:•• Fashion Bloggers Connect• Fashion+TechSF• Fashion Racked• Geek Style Lounge• Pret-A-Porter SF• Project San Francisco• San Francisco Fashion Week ™
  11. 11. Why do business with SFFAMA?• Break into the fashion, beauty & technology industry• Network with industry insiders and professionals• Strategic Partnership• Specific Niche Market• Relevancy in the market• Exposure both online and offline• Tap into the Bay Area fashion and tech sector• Social Good awareness• SFFAMA is an education non-profit organization
  12. 12. • For sponsorship opportunities , strategicbusiness partnerships, media relations, productpromotions, and booking info, please emailOwen Geronimo at -