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Evaluation question 2

  2. 2. The combination of our main product and our ancillary texts are quite effective inshowing the genre we had chosen to pick, this being Indie. Our final music videoshows the typical features found in an indie music video, for example we used thelyrics to create a literal storyline to follow which in turn makes our music video abit surreal and quirky. We made the lyrics of the song monster by the automatichave a literal meaning on our video, for example, when the lyrics say “What‟s thatcoming over the hill? Is it a monster?” we have a monster run over a hill withprecision timing. We made the monster the cookie monster out of Sesame Streetas people know this character and we could easily make the characters in thevideo try and capture him using the temptation of cookies. This is surreal and fitswith the indie genre, as weird videos are usually the way the indie genre expressesthe meaning of the songs.
  3. 3. We also took care of the performance part of our final music video using twoseparate band practices and mixing them together to change the colours andlighting to create variation and it just adds more to the video. We took care of thecostume by wearing indie style clothing such as cardigans, woollyjumpers, skinny jeans and converse to fit the indie stereotype and we had the bandequipment such as drums and guitars to follow what the indie genre already doesin their music videos. We continued using the idea of quirkiness and weirdness tothe ancillary texts we made, with things such as the digi packs and logos, wefollowed the theme of a monster by using a messy and jagged text in black on thedigi pack, giving it an eerie feeling especially as we are using the term monster inall of our ancillary texts. We made everything literal to the word monster with ourlogo being a monster; people would recognise the song by the literal meaning of amonster.
  4. 4. Furthermore, on the digi pack we used a similar style to the band Blur‟s album cover withfour separate photos put together to make one picture. Blur are very well known so usinga similar style to them for our digi pack will increase our popularity and make our musicvideo become more noticed. However, instead of an Opie self portrait of each member wehave instead the entire band separately put inside a frame, as if they were in a picturehung up on the wall. It gives each band member their own identity within the band andpeople will recognise each member because of the image on the digi pack. We furtherfollowed, the indie conventions on our digi pack wearing skinny jeans and converse. Toshow links we have used the same blue in the title as in our logo for our mediaproduct, also the jagged black text for „Monster‟ is used on the digi pack and also on theadvert this allows effective brand identity and consistency throughout our ancillary texts.We have also used a plain white background for our ancillary texts this is because wewanted to be clear, crisp and to be easily noticed on e.g. a music store shelf.
  5. 5. Digi-Pack Advert• Our digi pak was carefully customized as we have used the • Our advert was also carefully customized as we wanted to simple white background throughout as we wanted it to be clear keep the same black, white and blue theme throughout our and easily recognizable but also to link with our advert. The ancillary texts. We have achieved this by using a clear coloring scheme uses black, blue and white and we wanted this to simple white background as in our digi pak, using the same be consistent so we used it in both of our ancillary texts to add a band photo and using the same titles on the front cover as link between our products so if for example our audience seen the the digi pak. We have done this because we wanted to be poster they could easily know which digi pak it is as its very consistent and look professional but also recognizable and similar. We have used the same band photo on our advert as our simple at the same time and I think we succeeded. The inside fold of our digi pak this was needed for the consistency of video has a blue monster and this relates to the font colour our media products and also using the same clothes with black used in the title on our advert, also as it’s a monster name top and jeans this was needed for a link but also using the black we used a monster font from (dafont.com) to also show a dress on a white background stands out more. The digi pak links relationship. We have also used the same band members on in with our main product as we have used our logo at the end of the front cover of our digi pak, advert and our final music our music video and also shown on the back cover of our digi pak. video. As I have said previously we have used the company We have used the same band members in the music video as on logo ‘Monster Recording LTD’ on our digi pak, advert and the digi pak as this was a crucial aspect of our topic as its easily music video but we have took the same colour for the allows a link. Our dress sense in the music video is different as monster as our title on both our digi-pak and advert. we used a professional photo shoot with a high spec camera (Nikon-D 80) for our ancillary texts for better graphics.
  6. 6. Overall, our main product and ancillary texts combine well to create a highlyeffective indie genre music video. We stuck to the conventions of the indie genrein both the music video and ancillary texts and it would make fans of this genreparticularly happy that we have created a quirky video and digi pack to go with it.The digi pack is further effective through its similarity to blur, people willrecognise the comparison between us and blur and be pleased that we havedone this due to Blur‟s popularity. Our video is also slightly humorous so peoplewho watch the video will laugh because it‟s outrageous and unrealistic but itworks somehow because it follows the lyrics.