G00030577 l a triplett do we need to mine and remove mountain tops for coal (1)


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G00030577 l a triplett do we need to mine and remove mountain tops for coal (1)

  1. 1. Why are we killing Mother Nature by Mining and Removal of Mountain Tops for Coal? 1|PageWhy are we killing Mother Nature by Mining and Removal Mountain Tops for Coal? Larry A. Triplett Grantham University 3/10/2012
  2. 2. Why are we killing Mother Nature by Mining and Removal of Mountain Tops for Coal? 2|Page Should we strip the coal from mother earth and from the beautiful AppalachianMountains so we can have coal to bring us heat and electricity in to our homes and the placewhere we work? As a child growing up in the Appalachians there were fish in the rivers aroundmy home town of Pound, VA you could swim in clean fresh water and see the deer and otheranimals drinking from the rivers, ponds, and lakes. From the time I was a child I have seen thepeople that own the big coal companies dig ditches to route the waste water from the coal minesin to the lakes, streams, rivers, ponds, and in to our drinking water. Then we wonder why thepeople from the south are sick all the time and why are the children of the south born with birthdefects and are deformed. Have you ever seen a full moon over the top of the AppalachiansMountain with the blue haze in between the mountain and the moon it’s a sight to behold. Thefirst coal mines was started just after the Civil War there was not much use for coal back then itwas only used by the Black Smith. After the Civil War there was a need to feed coal to thefactories and to run the trains and this is where Mother Nature starts to get raped by Godschildren. The Industrialization age has hit the Appalachian Mountains and now the force feedingof coal to factories and railroads and death comes to set up shop in the Mountains of Virginia,Kentucky, Do we really want to trade in the Mountains, the fish and wildlife just to make theAmerican dollar is it truly worth the life’s of fathers, sons, daughters, and the people we love todie a horrible death from black lung and the cave ins that kill from 10 to 100 miners. Look atcons of deep mining and strip mining that is also called Mountain Top Removal this is wherethey take layers of dirt and rock to get to the good coal to sell. That mountain is flattened downto where it can never be restored and lot strip mining owners would rather pay the fines than toreclaim the land. It takes a lot of money and time to reclaim that land it’s just not worth the time
  3. 3. Why are we killing Mother Nature by Mining and Removal of Mountain Tops for Coal? 3|Pageto the owners the bad thing is because of this the wildlife lose their habitat and when the heavyrains appear 9 times out of 10 a town gets flooded with water and mud. Yes they are regulationsto protect the land and its people of the coal fields in Central Appalachians but our leaders are inbed with the Big Coal Mines Owners and give them big money to get reelected and help passlaws to help the Big Coal Business. The Extraction abuse by the coal industry destroyed morethan 1,000,000 acres of forest, 500 mountains, and buried over 1,000 miles of streams in theAppalachian region. I will never be able to see the places where I hunted and fished as a boy andworst of all I will never be able to take my grandkids there at all is this price were want to payfor killing the environment and mother nature. I will show some other things on why we should not mine or do mountain top removalthat’s killing of the oldest mountain range in North America the coal and of course otherresources generate revenues into the billions of dollars. Yes were are not the only ones with thisproblem it is going on all over the world today when the mountain top is removed that hive totake the rock and dirt some were so dump it all in the valleys and this covers up the water supplyfor the people. By doing this they put chemicals in to the air and water when you drink waterfrom a stream, spring well, or from the tap in your kitchen you can tastes the sulfur in the water.You do not get a clear glass of water, so the miner must put a filtering system in the house tofilter the water and most of the entire homes belong to the coal boss. The year 2010 was theworst year for coal mining there were over in the years 2006 to 2007 there were 69 deaths due tothe coal mines. The coal mines produce silt after they wash the coal, this silt or sludge we call it,there is no way to get rid of it so they store in manmade ponds, but if the ponds break this silt candamage the land, water ways, homes, and harm mother nature. This is just another way to killMother Nature and then the people that live near a mine have to put up with the dust coming
  4. 4. Why are we killing Mother Nature by Mining and Removal of Mountain Tops for Coal? 4|Pagefrom blasting and coal truck speeding by their homes that makes it hard to breath. This affectsthe children and they get sick and contract breathing problems, the dust kills the plants, gets in toeverything in your house. This does not include the problem it cause the fish and wildlife in thearea mining and blasting drive the wildlife away to other places. They have been children andadults killed from boulders being accidently pushed down a mountain that have killed people intheir bedrooms at night and the coal company get fined $15,000.00 for the accident is that what aChilds life is worth. I can go on and on with details and stories but with all this mining and earthtop removal there will be nothing left of the mountains or Hillbilly life in the AppalachianMountains we need to band together to ban this type of mining coal accounts for less than 50%of electricity produced in the United States. Think about it when you see the mountains wouldyou want this in your back yard. References
  5. 5. Why are we killing Mother Nature by Mining andRemoval of Mountain Tops for Coal? 5|Page