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Preliminary Task Ideas


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My Preliminary Task Ideas for my AS Media Blog.

Published in: Education
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Preliminary Task Ideas

  1. 1. Preliminary Task Ideas
  2. 2. Words associated with School...
  3. 3. I decided to use this name, as I felt it would mean people would take notice of it, and the magazine is full of notices. The Word Also it is a play on the word notice- board. Notice Paper board Possible names for School Magazine... Folder File Break Text Paper-Type
  4. 4. Coursework Chat Homework Tips Regular Articles Ideas... Club News Net-Head Teacher Talk Geek Chic
  5. 5. Canteen Changes Insight: New Teachers Profiles Stock up for the New Year Feature Articles Ideas... New Numbers Hard Work Really Works! Exclusive! Past Student Interviews
  6. 6. Draft sketches of Front Cover & Contents page...
  7. 7. I would like to photoshop out the background if possible so that the cover- Photos... lines stand out better I tried to leave space in these photos for the mast head I’ve decided to use this photo as the Front Cover, as it has good eye contact, and portrays school or college the most effectively These could be used for the contents page I wouldn’t use this photo for the Front Cover as there is no eye contact with the audience